Tournament entry fee during DNA rescue reduces with consecutive loss & re-entry at the same level

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I lost 3 consecutive matches to get a free DNA strand in one of the Glacier gold league tourneys today. Surprisingly, the entry fee reduced to 8 db from 12 db for my second entry at the same level (which is great, the less money I lose, the better). Lost again, and for my 3rd entry, it reduced to 4 db. I've never seen this reduction before when I lost in any of the previous matches during DNA rescue. It always used to remain at 12 for the gold league even if I lost a match. Has this change been noticed by anyone else?

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I've been having super good guesses today and got 3 pieces of DNA on the first try, so I'm not sure if the price went down. I didn't think it did, but I may have to lose to get another piece, so if my entry price changes I'll let you know.

I do know that after you get the DNA (whether on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd try), the entry cost is drastically reduced (mine went down to $3 or $4). I was curious if the canisters refreshed and I could get another DNA piece. They don't, so don't waste your money, lol.

Good luck on picking up your Gigantosaurus, mine is within my grasps!

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I just checked in Glacier. All 3 tournament tries for a DNA piece cost me $12 each, and after getting the DNA (on the 3rd try ) the tournament cost $3.

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Thanks for the info. Ah, so it's not consistent. It's probably a glitch rather than kindness. I tried it again (in the platinum league this time). It was 15 for the 1st and 2nd entry, then reduced to 4 dinobucks for the 3rd entry. Still, the total was only 33, which is a lot less than the 60 that I would have had to pay for each DNA strand if I had moved up to All Star league (which always defeats my dinos). Got 3 DNA strands this way (2 in the gold league and 1 in platinum), and won the rest of the strands. Did you get your giganotosaurus too?

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I used that strategy some as well, maybe for ~5 or 6 pieces of DNA (I started the tournament unranked, so it took some time to work my way up to Gold to get the DNA...). Got lucky on at least 3 and guessed the canister correctly on the 1st try! So I was able to get the Gigantosaurus pretty cheaply too.

I commented about this strategy in the DNA Tournament section of the main site. I'm keeping my Glacier Park at Gold league so that I can buy DNA for cheap if I need to. I'm in Platinum league for the other 2 parks, but I'm not sure how far I'll be able to keep winning either, so we'll see.

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I saw your comment on the DNA rescue page Pon_Farr. I initially didnt want to include that "strategy" on that page but since then I've reconsidered including it. It seems as if alot of people do that regularly, so I was going to add it when I next have the time to do so. So thanks for your input and you'll be seeing that info added to the page soon.

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Yeah, it isn't that great of a strategy, however, for those of us with no other choice (until we're able to obtain a whole fleet of dinos in every park), it is at least better than spending real money or hundreds of extra dino bucks.

It's even useful to people who can only get 10 out of 15 DNA the normal way of winning them. It can likely even save them some bucks, so it's at least good that they know about it so it can be utilized when absolutely necessary.

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