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Unless they release a new species and tell us that, is there any point at all to paying 2 or 5 bucks for expeditions? Or should I not even bother unless they release a new one? And does that only happen on Wednesday and Friday mornings?

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Short answer would be no, its not worth the cost of sending out expeditions unless theres a release you want or need. Just send out the free one, then when theres a release you want, pay to send out all the expeditions. And your correct, just Wednesdays (24 hour release) & Fridays (72 hour release). On occasion there will be a special release on a different day, like holidays

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So this weekend I sent out the 5 buck expedition non stop all weekend to try to get the gigantipithecus from glacier park and got nothing. No Dna came up at all. Does that happen sometimes or am I doing something wrong? Spent a lot of bucks

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Sometimes it can take numerous attempts to find DNA. Personally, I had a "worst case scenario" when I was trying to get the Mastodon. It cost me around 1000 dino bucks before an expedition finally returned with the DNA. Again, thats worst case scenario and I only heard of that happening to 1 other person besides myself. Usually it'll take anywhere from 2-20 attempts to find the DNA.

People ask me all the time about finding DNA and if they are going about it the right way, so I just uploaded a quick tutorial video to youtube, hopefully it will clarify the process for you and others. Heres a link https://youtu.be/4CDnW9Ssbbo

Hope that helps

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