Giganotosaurus DNA repeated today- do tournament prizes differ for those who already have it?

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Just wondering, for those who already got the Giganotosaurus DNA the first time it was released, how does your tournament main page look like now? Are your tournaments the usual 120, 60 & 20 dinobuck cycles? Are do you get to repeat the constant-80 dinobuck matches?

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I already have the giganotosaurus and I just have the regular 120, 60 & 20 tournys listed on mine.

On 06/04/2015 at 11:07 Quote this message

Do we know when Gigantosaurus will be repeated? I really want it!

On 06/05/2015 at 08:53 Quote this message

I think the only way to know when it'll be repeated again is to keep an eye out on the JPB page for the weekly DNA releases. What we do know is that Ludia, in response to one of the comments on their page, has stated that DNA rescue creatures will continue to be re-released for those who didn't get them the first time, so it's very likely that all of them, including Giganotosaurus, will resurface periodically.

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Yeah, dinofan is right... the only way to know when something is going to be released is watch the JPB page. So at best, you'll have 4 or 5 days advance notice if you check it daily. Giganotosaurus has already been re-released once, it was the first DNA Rescue creature to be released a second time. I'm sure it'll come around again, but it may be awhile because theres a number of DNA Rescue creatures that have not been re-released yet.

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Ah that's annoying - I'm starting to struggle a bit with the Jurassic tournaments as my two worst tourney dino's (alberto & edmont) are fairly awful against high level opposition. Maybe need to rethink my tourney strategy.

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My two worst tourney dinos are also pretty awful (Carnotaurus and Brontosaurus - I've got all dinos in the Jurassic Park and those are the worst ones among the best 9). But it is still not that difficult to win (in fact I lose pretty rarely, in the last few weeks I can remember losing just once).

But if you have to use the Edmontosaurus, it means you are missing a few other dinos as well. Try to get those others.

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Master-Builder, looks like it's your lucky week. Guess what's gracing the DNA rescue in 4 days?

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I know I'm really pumped.... going to try my hardest to get it. If I can do one tourney for each of the parks a day I reckon I'll buy it with the remainder.

Is there a way of actually earning all 9 DNA strands and being 'up' on dollars afterwards (ie, not just buying dino's back in play)?

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Did they lower the number of DNA strands needed to win a free diino? It was15 DNA strands as recently as the Platybelodon, which was 2 weeks ago. Either way, yes it is posdible to win them all AND turn on profit on dino bucks. If the cooldown times on your dinos are low enough, playing as soon as all your dinos are fully rested will get you more DNA strands. If your dinos are like mine and take a full 24 hours to rest, then playing your top 18 instead of your top 9 will allow you to getmore DNA strands. That of coarse requires that your top 18 are capable of winning.

On 06/19/2015 at 02:04 Quote this message

I don't think so but my plan was to do 9 tourney's over the weekend and then buy the rest of the DNA out! Fingers crossed anyway, I can't keep playing with Edmont!

My dino's are a way off from being able to win with 18... I can barely win with 9 on each park...!

Wish me luck guys/gals!

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@ Master_Builder: Don't ever just buy a tournament dinosaur for the DNA that you can't get (unless you're in All-Star league or if you have a ton of bucks and don't mind using them).

You can always just put in 1 dino, lose quick, and guess for a DNA. As long as you're not in All-Star League, even 3 guesses will be cheaper than 60 bucks per DNA piece.

On 06/22/2015 at 04:10 Quote this message

Thank you, that's interesting Pon, surely I have a 30% chance each go, so may not get a DNA strand, depending on my luck!

On 06/26/2015 at 11:14 Quote this message

I strongly agree with Pon_Farr. Unless you have a lot of bucks to spare, it's better to intentionally lose a tourney, even if you're in All Star level - and then "guessing" for the DNA. If you don't get it, lose another and guess again.

It has even happened to me of entering a tourney to lose (but using 3 dinos, not just 1), and "accidentally" end up winning it! LOL

Maybe you don't know that, but if you lose a tourney, and guess wrong, if you go back (to the SAME tourney) and lose again, you'll only have to guess between the remainder 2 choices. So, at WORST, you'll surely get the DNA in your third trial. But if you're lucky you can get it in the second or even first trial, thus saving bucks (from my experience, the average is 2 trials to get each DNA, which makes sense "statistically" - so if you're All Star, you end up spending 40 bucks per DNA).

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