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I'm starting to get my park off the ground (only at level 23) but I'm already getting frustrated with the rate I'm earning coins. Even with battle spamming I can't seem to generate coins nearly quick enough, it takes an excruciatingly long time to earn what I need to get stuff done. My question is what are the most cost effective ways to earn coins say with a bunch of buildings and decorations to increase their earnings? I imagine there are certain combos/layouts that produce a much better return on your investment. I'm mainly interested in the Jurassic side at the moment but if there are any setups not to be ignored in the other parks feel free to throw them out. Thank you for any help!

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Hi Percula, it can be rather difficult to generate income at lower levels. That is something you will likely struggle with for awhile in the game regardless what you do. There are a few ways to help generate more income a little quicker.

The biggest and most cost effective thing you can do (it costs nothing) is simply visit your parks asoften as possible to collect coins. Example: 2 people have identical parks and 1 person collected coins from their park twice per day while the other person collected coins from their park 10 times per day. The person that collects 10 times per day is going to profit alot more coins. With many creatures (& buildings) generating income for only a few hours or less, collecting from them frequently will keep them active.If you collect only once or twice per day, many of your creatures & buildings will be just sitting and not generating anything a large majority of the time. So the BEST thing to do to get more coins is to visit your parks and collect coins whenever possible. It takes less than 5 minutes so whenever you have a spare moment... open the game, collect coins, then carry on with your day.Best of all, it costs nothing.

Another thing that many people do for more coins is spam their park with buildings. In the land park, the Family Safari Lodges are the most cost effective buildings to spam. They generate 1000 coins every 2 hours, so if you collect from them every 2 hours they offset their purchase price fairly quickly. If you have 20 of them, thats 20,000 coins every 2 hours. Collecting from 20 of them 10 times per day = 200,000 coins. To further show my above mentioned suggestion, collecting from 20 of them just twice per day = 40,000 coins.

The last thing is something your already doing... battle spam (which boosts your food production too!)

Hopefully that helps Just remember that everything in the game takes time, so patience is paramount

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I used to have many Infirmaries (I think) in the Aquatic Park. They generate about the same as the Family Safari Lodges, take less space...

What I would really tell you is: take your time. Learn to just accumulate coins, even if you have enough coins to accomplish a certain mission, don't, just keep collecting. Forget for a while about leveling up (which by the way doesn't have much use, IMO), just keep getting coins. Then invest in Family Lodges or aquatic Infirmaries, place several of them. Try to get as many dinossaurs as possible, which is the really fun part, and they will give you many coins in return.

In my second profile (guest profile) I did just that, started to get coins and forgot about the missions for a while. This week I decided to get back to the missions, when I already had about 30 million coins. It was pretty easy. I'm about level 58 or so (level 95 in my "main" profile). I did several missions and spent about 12 million coins, and I still have plenty...

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In aquatic, The Tethys actually generates slightly more income than the infirmary. Not by much though. When my aquatic park was spammed with buildings, it was with The Tethys. Cedpo is exactly right... take your time. In my opinion the game is a little more enjoyable if you're not always stressing over resources
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anonymous rex

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I firmly disagree with the poster that said to ignore leveling. With leveling comes new dinos. The more dinos you have the more money you generate per day. Also, the more space to build. Plus questing is fun. At 95, the only thing I have to do is 3 tournaments a day, then claw farming.

And like the site owner said, don't ignore the other parks, it's free money. But at the same time, I remember my aquatic park producing more money than main park early in the game (lvl20-40).

Also consider taking time to surround your dinos with decorations. The purple cycads got me through a lot, if that's too expensive, start with the yellow flower patches. Grid your dinos and use the shared edges/corners with the higher boosting decorations.

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It's not to completely ignore leveling, I meant just to not worry too much about it. From time to time, when you've collected a good amount of money, then go ahead and accomplish the missions. Just don't be too desperate if you don't have much money, take your time and you will eventually collect enough money for the missions.

Maybe it's easier for me since my other profile is already almost maxed out, except for 1 aquatic and 3 glacier creatures, and I have a few missions that I will NOT accomplish since I'm maxed out in XP, so when they release a new update to go above level 95, I can accomplish those and level up easily.

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Cedpo, another easy way earn XP to level up (if you have a stockpile of coins) is to buy active volcanoes (land park),volcanoes (aquatic park) and/or snowy mountians (glacier park). They give you 20,000-25,000 XP each. Thats the way I do it... maybe this is my OCD talking, but having uncompleted missions that I could easily complete just bugs me.

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It also bugs me a little bit to not complete those missions, but I can hold it... Thinking that it will be pretty easy to level up when they update the game.

About volcanoes etc, I do have way over 30 of each in my parks (in my profile where I'm level 95). In the other profile, I still don't have so much money. But I'm really not too worried about leveling up (maybe because I have another profile where I've got pretty much everything I could).

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