How annoying is DNA research

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It's really annoying! Today I did research for a Kelenken in the Glacier Park, with my guest profile. I actually paid 99 bucks to get it (from an expedition I had sent with only 1 capsule, for free). Then you must do DNA research to get it. It was 17,000 coins each trial. If I got lucky, I would spend 10 trials and 170,000 coins (of course that never happens). But I actually counted and I had to do 64 (SIXTY FOUR!) trials to get it. That sums up to 1,088,000 coins! All that just to get a level 1 Kelenken. On top of that, I had to pay another 527,900 coins to buy it (so it was a total cost of 99 bucks and 1,615,900 coins), and now I have to wait 157 hours for it to hatch.

Isn't that just a little bit too much? I'm thinking about abandoning my guest profile... I'm currently level 53.

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I deleted duplicate post :) As for DNA research. It does get annoying at times. I'm maxed out on coins now though, so it doesn't really bother me anymore, no matter how much it costs in the end. I do think research is definitly too expensive. I think Ludia would keep more players involved in the game if it wasnt so expensive. Those incubation times are a bit ridiculous too. I don't remember which creature it is, but there is one thats 202 hours. Yikes!

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Yeah, I'm not concerned with money. However, I remember when I used to be. I think normally I could estimate it taking about 20-30 times to complete the DNA research.

Even though I don't care about the cost, you're absolutely right that it is boooooring to sit there and click the research. I'd rather just pay for 100 trials and get an instant completion instead of wasting what seems like 5 minutes sitting there clicking. I try to do other things while doing DNA research, but it's still not fun by any stretch of the imagination.

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Pon_Farr, that's what I´m talking about. "I'd rather just pay for 100 trials and get an instant completion instead of wasting what seems like 5 minutes sitting there clicking"

Although money is also a concern for my guest profile, even though my "official" profile has also been maxed out on coins for a long time now.

But when I have to click 64 times on "Research", only to learn that after that I will have to wait about a whole week for my dino to hatch, it makes me wanna delete the game...

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There was an instance were I got two yeses and an X on the final third like 10 times in a row. I logged out and went back to it in 5 mins, it seemed to fix the glitch...

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It takes me about 20 attempts on average to get the first four segments completed (I let my FB friends do the rest). A few days ago I didn't get the first one until the 19th try. Ended up getting the four I needed all in a row.

The game definitely gets stuck in a loop of helix/helix/xp. I've noticed it many times. Now every time I get even two of them in a row, I back out of the research screen, tap something else (building, animal, decoration....anything), then go back in to research. Otherwise it'll often just keep doing the helix/helix/xp result over and over again.

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