How much gold do you make in each park?

# 06/15/2015 at 21:31 Fire Rex

After all building's and dino have reached max gold capacity (gold bouncing icon)

# 06/15/2015 at 22:26

In my Jurassic Park 1,952,504
Aquatic Park 2,334,621
Glacier Park 2,223,925
Total 6,511,050

If I collect from my parks 4 or 5 times in a day, they're capable of producing close to 20,000,000

Just FYI I moved this thread from the tournament forum over to the general forum

What about your parks.... how much?

# 06/15/2015 at 22:56 Fire Rex

Still waiting for some of my dinos to max out the gold, but wow that's a lot!!

# 06/15/2015 at 23:01 Fire Rex

Im missing at least 10 dinos from each park, was inactive for a long while. So i tactically add buildings next to my decorations to make up for the lost gold

# 06/16/2015 at 00:16 Fire Rex

For jurassic i make 1,875,155 gold but missing amargasaurus, nasutoceratops, giganotosaurus, shunosaur, and suchominus. Hopefully those get released soon, more gold :D

# 06/16/2015 at 01:05 Fire Rex

For aquatic i make 3,575,125 gold and missing mosasurus, koolasuchus, protosphyraena, baculottes, Archeon, dolichorhynchops, darkosaurus and henodus. Have high bonus for buildings (300%) each and 350% average bonus for each dino. Have about 4 buildings surrounding each dino mixed with decorations.

# 06/16/2015 at 01:16 Fire Rex

My bad have a 150% average across all buildings but the highest was 303%

# 06/16/2015 at 08:43

Nice... my parks used too make more but I'm maxed out on coins so I made them look a little nicer and sacrificed some coin production. I used to be able to get almost 30,000,000 from my parks in a day.

# 06/16/2015 at 09:18 Fire Rex

Nice, I saw your bonus for T. rex and it's hard to reach that high

# 06/16/2015 at 12:28

Its the most you can get out of it. It also costs around 6000 dino bucks to get it

# 06/16/2015 at 21:58 Fire Rex

mines around 520% for t rex but I'm trying to save space for the remaining dinos i have yet to add to my park, and not hit the decoration limit at the same time which prevents me from going that high :(

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