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Hi, can anyone please indicate the incubation time for the 8 new glacier & aquatic creatures that were recently released into the market for dino bucks? And also for all the DNA rescue creatures? I see from some of the discussions here that a few of them take as much as 8 days for each evolution stage. Just trying to decide which 3 I want to start evolving first.

Or if possible, maybe the moderator would be kind enough to add yet another column in the stat sheet showing incubation time for all gold creatures? Thanks.

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Hi dinofan. Thats a good suggestion and I will add that as soon as I am able. Until then, incubation times for the 8 newest market creatures are as follows:

Orthoceras: 62 hours
Gillicus: 27 hours
Anomalcaris: 89 hours
Hybodus: 141 hours
Moeritherium: 125 hours
Kaprosuchus: 169 hours
Meiolania: 77 hours
Aepycamelus: 45 hours

These times are PER EVOLUTION, so fully evolving something will take the time listed multiplied by 4.

As for DNA rescue creatures, they are generally somewhere around 24 hours incubation. Some are a little less, some are a little more... but they're all reasonable incubation times.

I do recommend the kaprosuchus, its well worth the wait (all 28 days of it). It is an extremely strong sweeper, my new favorite in glacier park. Hybodus is good too (stats are same as kaprosuchus).

I'll get the exact incubation times added for everything in the next day or two. Hope that helps!

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Hey dinofan... just FYI I got the incubation times added to all 3 stats pages. Happy building!

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Thanks a lot, the updated pages look amazing!

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