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Hi all,

I'm having a real issue finding the limited DNA through exploration, I have tried spending 5 dino dollars on the 3 containers but I never get one and then when I do an expedition for free I always find one but I don't want to spend 359 dollars on buying him!

I have all of the normal ones that you find but I can never find a limited dino DNA (especially in Aquatic where I only found the Sea Scorp).

Any tips would be very gratefully received!


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This thread isn't tournament related so I moved this thread over to the general jpb forum The trick to always finding limited dna is to speed up the return of expeditions for the cost of 9 dino bucks. This way, if it doesn't return with dna, you can send it out & return the expeditions numerous times until you find it. This can get costly at times. Sometimes you get lucky and find the dna after sending out just a couple of expeditions. Sometimes it takes numerous attempts. It will, however, almost always cost less than the 359 bucks to just buy it up front. On very rare occasions it may cost more than 359 bucks. Personally I spent more than 359 bucks on expeditions on only one occasion and I have every creature in the game. Follow this link, it might help clarify the process Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much for your help.... I think I'm just a little cautious in spending bucks because I don't tend to go past Gold in Tourneys, bucks are precious! I should probably be a but more gung-ho and send out the expeditions/rush... as you sow, so you reap!

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I like to have my 3 containers ready to open as the new dinosaurs are released. The DNA seems to on the first expedition quite often. Since doing this, I am getting most dinosaurs for 10 dollars. 5 dollars each to open the containers on the aquatic and glacier levels.

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