Logic and scientific accuracy


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I just want to talk about this a little:
A lot of the creatures of JPB have inaccurate movement size and mauch more.
One of the biggest logical errors I noticed was that the dinosaurs are WAY to big for example, the t rex is bigger than the grand hammond hotel which makes no sense. And the raptor is even bigger than a car that goes around in the park although it is actually only as big as a big turkey.

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The game is FULL of inacuracies. I think they just did that so that you can see the dinos when viewing your park. People have even criticized how many "fingers" certian dinos have in the game. Jurassic world the game is no different
Julian cole
Julian cole

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Well I have been playing JPB for at least 7 years, crazy now i think about it. I have every dinosaur fully upgraded. When i play against others that have the same dinosaur at the same advanced level, my hits are stronger than theirs. IN EVERY PARK. I am wondering if I am playing real people or a computer generation. per season i win around 120 to 1 or 2 losses in each park, its getting boring. I have over a 1500bucks and win all day. I want it to be fair.

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I was in much the same position.... Every dino, fully maxed and 20,000+ dino bucks and nothing to spend them on.. all my parks are jammed full of dino buck decorations so I had nothing further to work towards. It got boring for me as well and I have since moved on to Jurassic World. JW is different in that to ligitimately level up every dino to its max is something that would take many years, if not decades. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but no, your not playing actual people. Ludia just uses other players profile pics then input their own teams which are 1. nerfed (attacks do less damage than they should do) and 2. generated by mathematical algorythms.

If your able to, I suggest moving onto Jurassic World. Ludia fixed some of the shortcomings in JPB and it'll likely renew your want to play. The multiplayer is still computer generated dino-bots, but it's far better balanced and the fact your not playing a real person is less noticable.

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It's jurassic park and you're complaining about raptor size? if i ever expected scientific accuracy from jurassic park then Raptor an Rex size would be the two exceptions i'd never complain about.

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lol waldoman. Lets not forget the Dilophosaurus and Compysognathus. Their sizes were also misrpesented in the movies

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Also Spino... It is actually quadrupedal (walking on 4 legs)

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I think any and all scientific accuracy went out the window as soon as stegosaurus was misspelled on the embryo vials in the first movie. HA!

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