New update details?

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I've seen Ludia tell a few people on JPB page to watch for a game update in the near future. I was wondering if anybody knew any further details about this or had some thoughts on what the update might include. Honestly I think they might actually drop I-Rex into the game. Maybe some other dinos too. Anybody have thoughts or details?

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I'm not sure either, but I hope the update features an expansion of the forest/seaweed/tundra area. So many new creatures have been added to each park over the months, but the land area remains the same. The core concept of "building" our parks is lost when we have to cramp all the animals close to each other like in an old fashioned zoo.

Fingers crossed. Land area expansion.

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That would be awesome. That and an increase to the decorations limit would be great. My parks are quite full (however they could use more decorations lol). My Jurassic park is bursting at the seams its so full, I literally could not fit anything bigger than 3x3 in it. Fingers crossed indeed!

On a side note, Dinofan, I got the pics of your parks uploaded to the site already. Nice parks! I especially like the entrance to your glacier park. Very nice

On 06/11/2015 at 13:24 Quote this message

I saw a promotion pop up on the Jurassic World gap at some point last week, which just had and eye through the leaves, and said "something is lurking in the jungle. In one week." I accidentally pressed it and it took me to the JPB page on the play store. Interesting. I reckon it will be I-Rex which is exciting

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