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Here I want to talk about ideas for nicknames for any creature share them with you guys.

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List of cool nicks I have

Ragasaurus: Rage mode
Giganotosaurus: Gigabyte
Camerasaurus: camera head
Yutyrannus: Yutt the Butt
Pachyrhinosaurus: Dorito face
Suchomimus: Sushi

Dunkleosteus: Dunkel Lunkel
Koolasuchus: Cookie face/ Coolaid
Orthoceras: Candy Cone
Megalodon: Cannon Shark

Aepycamelus: epic camel
Gigantophicecus: John Cena
Eremotherium: Eric the sloth
Moeritherium:big dumpling
Doedicurus: cannon ball
Meiolania:Koopa Troopa
Amphicyon: Cat-Dog
Deinosuchus: Snappy
Platybelodon: Bacon-Face

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I named almost every gold creature. I'll post a full list later when I have more time, until then here's a teaser (and my personal favorite)... I named my gigantopiticus SMASHsquatch

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Oh, I forgot, I named Corythosaurus "Corny"

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ok, some names are references to various things that are otherwise unrelated to dinosaurs. Its likely that some people won't understand some of references because they are vauge or otherwise tricky to decypher. If you are confused by a name/reference used, just ask and I'm happy to tell. I didn't name every gold creature (especially in jurassic) and I named only a select few silver and bronze dinos. Heres a list:


Dreadnoughtus - Dr. Dread
Ankylosaurus - Clubbin
Euoplocephalus - Clubbin 2
T-Rex - Tyler
Stegosaurus - Stacey
Giganotosaurus - Gigawatt

Elasmosaurus - Elm Street
Shastasaurus - Shasta the rastafarian
Anomalcaris - Anomal the animal
Geosaurus - GPS
Protosphyraena - Photo Op
Orthoceras- The Dentist
Baculites - Night flyer
Edestus - Ed
Odobenocetops - Bob
Mosasaurus - The Red Sea
Hyneria - Hysteria
Metriorhynchus - Meteor shower
Gillicus - Kill Bill
Colossal Squid - Captian Ahab
Dolichorhynchops - Chop stix
Megalodon - Mega Mart
Xiphactinus - Tetanus shot
Enchodus - cheese enchilada
Helicoprion - Saw tooth

Hyaenodon - Giggles
Smilodon - Say Cheese!
Gigantopithecus - SMASHsquatch
Platybelodon - Liberty Bell
Phorusrhacos - Phil & Phyllis
Dodo Birds - Dang, darn & damn
Procoptodon - Big Toe
Elasmotherium - Don't Sneeze
Diprotodon - Dip Stick
Titanoboa - Tim the Titan

My T-Rex's name, as mentioned above, is Tyler. But I also called it Tinkerbell sometimes lol

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Why Tetanus shot for Xiphactinus?

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Mainly because it rhymes with the end of the word xiphactinus. Plus I never want to find myself swimming with a xiphactinus, same as I never want to have to get a tetanus shot

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Actually, I have a good nickname for Xiphactinus: Sunburned Fish.
Why: The head of a fully maxed Xiphactinus is red and looks like a sunburn.

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I've got a new amazing nickname for T rex: TyrannoSORE-ASS R3KT

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