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So, I was trying to evolve all my dinos as quickly as possible to become more efficient.
Well... I now can't complete missions regarding gaining stars with carnivores. Herbivores are fine, since there are so damn many of them, but I have maxed out all of my carnivores with the exception of the Albertosaurus (which only has 1 star left to go).

My question is, are there any other carnivores I can expect to find amber for after the Alberty or do I now have to save up dino bucks to buy the T-Rex to finish this mission?

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Thats a good question and fortunately theres an easy solution to your problem. Sell a low level bronze carnivore like the dilophosaurus or velociraptor. Go to the market and re-buy it and it'll be a level 1 again (after its incubation period). Then level it up again. If you do it with low level bronze the purchase prize and food needed to evolve it are minimal so it shouldn't set you back too much. This will allow you meet the mission requirements, I did it once or twice myself.

As for finding more amber for carnivores, I simply don't remember in which order you find dinos/amber. So my suggestion would be to compare what dinos you have to the full list of dinos found on this page If your unsure if something is a carnivore of herbivore, you can find out by looking at its individual stats page, which you can access via the 'quick menu' found near the top of the page linked above. Hope that helps

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