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Hi all,

I was wondering, do you think that the chance of getting rare DNA is increased by your level &/or the current strength of your dinosaurs in the Aquatic/Glacier Parks?

The reason I ask is because my pal has found 6 rare Dinosaurs in Glacier from just sending out 1 expedition & says it's just 'luck' - I have never had that much luck & have always had to send out full expeditions and repeated until I got one, spending a few bucks in the process.

I wonder because he was quite a slow starter and so had few dinosaurs but explored so got to a reasonable level (he is currently 62 with 4 'normal' Glacier dino's to find). Whilst, on the other hand, I started quickly and discovered dino's fairly swiftly as I largely leveled up by evolving and maxing rather than exploring.

Hope that makes sense, it's just a theory as the same happened within his aquatic park (I still only have one rare dino @ level 77 but all normal ones maxed whilst he has 4 rare).


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Thats an interesting theory and one I don't have an answer for. For me it did seem like my luck in finding DNA was random. Sometimes I was lucky and got it the first try, other times I'd be unlucky and it would take numerous attempts. The absolute worst one for me was the Mastodon, which cost me 1000 bucks in expeditions before finding. I was desperate to get that one though... at the time it was 1 of just a few that I didn't have and my goal had been to obtain them all, which I have now done.

One thing I've heard of people doing that, they say helps, is to send out all 3 expeditions teams just before a rare creature is released. Then when its released and your teams have returned on their own (without you paying anything to speed them up) open all 3 canisters and, with any luck (theres that word again) you'll have found the DNA. I don't know if that actually helps or not, but I've heard it does.

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Yes it does seem very odd... It's annoying me even more as I spent all of my 760 dollars trying to get the Dodo (that my friend already has) yesterday and didn't get it.... that's the second time I've spent over $500 trying to find rare DNA... I think I'll buy for 350 next time!!

I have messaged Ludia on the off chance they'll reimburse some but I'm not holding out.

Has anyone else had this many problems finding the rare DNA?


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I've never spent more than the 300-ish bucks for the 'failed' DNA though once or twice I came close. I just got the Dodo for less than 100 bucks and I consider that quite lucky.

Also, isn't it weird that the rare DNA almost always appear when you send out just one team (and it will often not be the in the first canister)? As if they rigged the system just to spite us.

Moral of the story: You can never have too many bucks.

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I used to have that problem, but then I started following the technique that Ludia actually suggested on the fb page, based on feedback from other players. - I simply keep changing the number of containers each time. Start with all 3 (the night before the DNA is released). Like Buildersaurus-Rex said, with any luck, you might actually find it on the first try (happened to me twice so far). If not, then I send out 2. The DNA would then usually appear in the 3rd container. Then I send out one. The DNA would appear in the 2nd or 3rd container. No matter, just don't break the cycle. Then I send out 3 again and the cycle continues. Within 3 days (i.e. before the promotion ends for the weekend), I invariably ended up getting the DNA for real. This has been the case 80% of the time. For the remaining 20%, i.e., when the weekend is almost over and I still haven't found the DNA, I simply continue with the same cycle (3-2-1, 3-2-1, 3-2-1...) but speed up the expedition till I find it. It has never costed more than 120 bucks in total, with the exception of Megalodon, which costed me 260 bucks.

Of course, this technique is more suitable for weekend releases. It might be quite expensive for the Wednesday releases if you end up speeding up every time.

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As I am currently missing just 4 creatures in total, I think when one of them comes I will just send the 1 team expedition and then buy the creature for 359 bucks if it shows up in the other cannisters (I have about 4,500 dino bucks and probably won't have much use for them anyway)...

But I might try this strategy of dinofan first.

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Interesting tactic - I shall try that.

It's very strange... Ludia got back to me and said that you have less chance of getting the rare dna if you send out all 3 containers. I have no idea why & have asked for an explanation but I doubt I'll get anything newsworthy!

It's really annoying as my friend got the Hedonus on the first go (one box) at level 64, to go with his Megalodon, Elasmasour & Colossal Squid, whilst I've only managed to find the Sea Scorp & I'm level 86. My park envy is increasing!!

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I have definitely seen a pattern in how non-limited DNA are found, so it's logical to think there would be a pattern of some kind for the limited ones.

I played this game incessantly a couple years ago, but then deleted the app shortly after the glacier park was released. At that time there were only 5 animals available, and I had gotten them. Anyway, just re-downloaded the app this week and picked up where I left off. My main park is complete, and my aquatic is just short 3 dinos I think. Obviously now there are another 30+ dinos available in the glacier park. I only ever send out the one free expedition, and I got DNA 3 out of my first 4 single expeditions. Can't see that as luck. The computer assistance kicked in since there were so many potential DNAs "out there" that I hadn't gotten yet.

Ironically, only took me 2 free expeditions to get the limited Mosasaurus this weekend.

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That certainly backs up what I think.... my friend got all 4 of the latest DNA rescues in either the 1st or second go.. My guess is that the game sees the level and number of the 'normal' dinosaurs and gives you a chance of getting the limited DNA dependent on that. I believe it's level (or stars?) of the 'normal' dino's rather than the number as he has them all and still finds rares, I on the other hand have all of them at 40 and never find the rare samples.

Personally, I think it's awful as I never seem to find any of the DNA samples and as such have to spend the 356 dollars (I tried continually searching with 5 dollars per go and rushing but I spent over 1000 dollars with no reward so it has put me off)... I can get dollars through tournaments but it requires me continually doing tournaments which is frustrating and time consuming!

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I once sent out an expedition on my glacial park for 1 capsule, I kept forgetting to open it then when the Gigantopithecus came out I decided to send out expeditions for him in order to find the DNA sample as I opened the that 1 forgotten capsule the Gigantopithecus DNA sample was there I was so surprised that it took me just 1 capsule to get it. Then before the Phorusrhacos came out I decided to do the same thing, I sent out an expedition for only one capsule (the free one) then the next day when the Phorusrhacos came out the DNA sample was in the free capsule. So that's 2 in a row, I Think you should try that method. Peace.

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Thats kinda what is was sayin back on 6-10-15, send out expedition (I did all 3, not just 1) just before something is released. I know I was successful using that method 2 or 3 times. I would have tested that method further but I ran out of dinos on my bucket list, have all 120

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Well now you know how to get limited edition creatures for free XD Anyways yesterday I preapared a free capsule for the Dakosaurus that will come today (It's confirmed on their facebook page), I'll let you guys know if the method worked again. Peace.

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Oops, Forgot to log in there XD Sorry I'm new here

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Update: Sadly it didn't work but this time I set up 3 capsules today just like buildersaurus rex said and I'll let you know if I get the Dakosaurus DNA sample tomorrow. Peace.

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Sorry to hear that Generalkungfu. I always did all 3 expedition teams because it always seemed like if I did just 1, an expedition would always return with DNA, but it was never in the 1st canister, always the third. So I would have to pay 359 bucks for the DNA if I wanted it.

Hopefully you'll have better luck tomorrow Generalkungfu (I like that name btw )

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Update: It worked today, I got the Dakosaurus DNA :D It took me 2 tries to get it. I tried 3 canisters for saturday and I didn't get it that day, Then I set up 3 again on Saturday and the next day I checked and it was in the second canister so I spent 18 bucks on the Dakosaurus which is pretty good since it could take up to alot of tries to get it. Thank you buildersaurus rex for telling me that method :D

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For some reason I didn't have much luck with rare DNA lately. Tried everything: sending out all 3 everytime, dinofan's method, Generalkungfu's method...... Nothing works. I end up paying more than 350. I almost gotten all of the rare DNA anyway, so I guess I'll just buy at full price instead of wasting my time clicking and raging.

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Well It isn't THAT bad, I got the todays Pliosaur on my fifth try with all 3 canisters, It was available for only 1 day so I sped up all my expeditions and ended up getting him on my fifth try, I suggest you do the same thing too, If you have enough dino dollars. On Wednesday limited editions, I always set 3 expedition teams for 7 tries, If I don't get the DNA sample on my seventh try I just give up. But I mostly get a DNA sample on my 4th or 3rd try. I suggest you don't go over your seventh try with all 3 expedition team, It can take a big chunk of your dino dollar savings.

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All things considered, seven tries isn't bad. Mastodon cost me 1000+ dino bucks. That equates to 71+ attempts lol

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Yeah the mastodon was a pain in the neck for me too, I was too bored to wait 9 hours for all the expeditions to come back. I gave up after 4 tries, Then just bought him for 359 dino dollars. But the Macruchenia really got me heated once, When it came out on Wednesday, I only had a day to get it, I kept sending all 3 expedition teams hoping that I wouldn't get mad and spend 359 dino dollars for it. I kept on going and sending the expedition teams and rushing them. When I wasted over 400 dino dollars I got really mad, I still kept sending the expeditions for the bloody Macruchenia. I didn't want to buy it I just kept sending out expeditions, when I wasted over 900 dino dollars I finally got it. This was 20 minutes of my life that I want back because I didn't buy it right away, I hated the Macruchenia because of that, I barely even evolved it. I didn't want to evolve it for 2 months then after the 2 months I decided to max it out and test it in the tournament when the glacier battles came out. From this day forward I still don't like the Macruchenia I named It Bad Karma.

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When I got Mastodon it was a Wednesday release too. It never even gave me the option to buy it for 359. I was determined to get if because it was one of only a couple I didn't have at the time. Plus it hadn't been released for 6 months or so, so I didn't want to have to wait for it to be released again. It had me heated for sure. I always call it MAD-stodon now, cause it made me so fricken mad

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Hahaha XD Yeah, Limited editions can really be a pain once in a while, On DNA rescues I never play tournaments to lower the price on the creature ( Well sometimes I do, depending on how much dino dollars I have). I just can't be bothered lol.

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Stupid question - how do you know when new Dino's are released?

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Theres no stupid questions here.... "Rare" creatures are generally released on Wednesdays (available for 24 hours) and on Fridays (available for 72 hours). On rare occasion (like some holidays) there'll be a release on other days of the week. You can find out a day or two in advance which creatures will be released next by following Jurassic Park Builders Facebook page. Hope that helps

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