Selling a limited edition dino

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Hi, if I choose to sell a limited edition dino (either coin or cash or dna rescue), will it still show up in my menu for re-purchasing later, or do I have to wait till the next promotion and find/buy/win it all over again?
Say for instance, this week's Tuojiangosaurus - I already have it, if I sell it, do I have to spend another 70 dinobucks to get it back again, or will it be available in my menu for free till the promotion lasts (since I already paid for it once)?

(I strongly dislike the colour patterns for most of the higher levels of evolution, so I want to downgrade all the dinos except the 9 that I need for the tournament).

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Hi. Any Dino that you have already purchased (whether it was promotional or from a tournament) will always be available for purchase at a later date(this is for sure in the glacier and aquatic parks) although I'm uncertain about the Jurassic park. I've done it multiple times but as long as you have uncovered the DNA it should stay in your history and allow purchase. Once you sell something you will have to purchase it back for the original price. That does not change. Because when you sell it it is compensating you back for it you will most definitely have to re purchase the animal

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All of the dinos that I have purchases with Dino Bucks can only be sold for gold (and not much gold either). So I wouldn't say that you're "compensated" for it, at least not fairly.

I know for any dino created from DNA that you've found and researched, that dino can just be re-bought with coins. For dinos that have been purchases with Dino Bucks, that I do not know.. I haven't wanted to try that one out!

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I finally brought myself to try it out. Experimented with the cheapest one of course- the pteranodon. And nope, you need to use dinobucks to buy it back again. Since I don't have enough space in my landscaped park, I'll just let it rest and use its spot to place the Tapejara instead.

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The pteranodon isn't a limited edition creature. Its normally available for purchase (with dino bucks) in the market.

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You're right, I was just curious to check for any creature purchased with dino bucks, in addition to the usual limited edition creatures.

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