UPDATE!!! New creatures!!!

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Good News: there are new missions (I'm almost getting to level 99, thanks to my strategy of leaving some unfinished missions when I was already level 95 and wouldn't get any XP for completing them, so now I did and I could level up easily), and there are 3 NEW CREATURES (1 for each park).

Bad News: each new creature costs 25 dollars (and yes, I mean REAL DOLLARS and not Dino bucks). Apparently there's no way of getting them except by paying real dollars, which I'm not doing. I hope they will make them available in some other way in the future, like DNA rescue or paying with Dino bucks. Until then, unfortunately I will not have them...

Pretty unfair that they will let us collect loads of Dino bucks (I own over 4,000 by now) and then we have no use for those...

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PS: I would probably pay maybe U$ 1,99 for each creature, but U$ 24,99? Nope...

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I'm with you 100% cedpo. $25 each is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING RIDICULOUS. I refuse to cough up $75 to get 3 creatures. Unless they change this, my formerly completed dino collection will now incomplete.... forever. Just like you said cedpo, if they were reasonably priced at a few dollars each, then I'd consider it.

I guess they felt they'd be taking a hit when they made DNA easier to obtain in JW game with its update a few days ago, so they wanted to make it up by pissing off & chasing away JPB players/customers. HA!

Tsk tsk Ludia. That was dumb, stupid, moronic, brainless AND idiotic all at the same time.

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Darn.... Now my park will never be complete. I refuse to buy those creatures as long as they cost real money (even if they cost a single cent each).

I'll forgive them if they put those creatures in DNA rescue but I doubt that will ever happen.

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I kinda have that same feeling seadinasaur, like my park will never again be complete. I'd consider buying them if they weren't $25 each. If they were $5 each or less I'd probably get them. But $75 for all 3 isn't going to happen. Its not THAT important for my park to be completed.

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Honestly, I'm kinda surprised they decided to walk down this path. It used to be one of the most 'free' freemium games out there in which anyone can achieve 100% completion without paying anything (apart from your internet bill). I would rather painstakingly grind like 5000 bucks and buy them that way instead of forking out real money! I had never made any microtransactions online and I do not have any intention to start anytime soon.

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I totally understand that they want to make a profit from the game. I think they made a wrong strategy by making it easy to get lots of dino bucks from the tournaments. I just think U$ 75 for only 3 creatures (when there's another 100+ creatures) is too much.

I personally hate the freemium model. There could be a "demo" version and an option where you would pay some money to get the complete game, in which you would be able to get everything from your own effort, without having to pay anything more. There would still be the option to pay more money to get everything easier and quicker. Although the price for the "full" game shouldn't be too high, I personally probably would never pay over U$ 10 for an iPad game (perhaps some U$ 20 if the game was really good)...

I know everyone will have their own opinion on this, but personally I will never pay to get a "part" of a game that you can't get without using real money.

(PS: my previous post was a duplicate. I edited it to just a ".", then to a "(...) delete please", so moderator, please do it)

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I too understand the need to turn a profit. Its not free to keep the lights on and servers running. Employees generally want a paycheck too. Where I think they went wrong with their buisness strategy is if they're going to make in game content cost real world money, they should have done it sooner and spread the cost out between several creatures. For example, I think that if there were 10 creatures in each park that cost $1 USD each and started this practice a year ago (or more)... not a single person would have complained about it and infact many would have purchased several creatures, if not all, over time. Then people wouldn't be slapped in the face by this nonsense.

**SPOILER ALERT** What gets me is the fact that I am suddenly asked to drop $75 on 3 creatures released in what seems to be the final game update. They seem to have closed the storyline with this update. I won't ruin it completely for those who arn't there yet by revealing details, but it'd be difficult for the story to continue after the level 99 missions. **END SPOILER ALERT**

$75 USD is more than the purchase price of a big name new release console game like Halo on xbox or the Call of Duty series on playstation, which are generally around $60-$70 USD FOR THE WHOLE GAME!

Whatever their buisness strategy is on this one, its not only poor buisness practice... its a slap in the face to their devoted fanbase. As I said in a post I made on JPB facebook page, shame on you Ludia, SHAME ON YOU!

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Screw you Ludia!!! After that new update there are 6 creatures that i can only get by buying packs. What freaking thing is that? I tried to get all of them, but spent over 200 $ and still only got 3 of them! That's stupid!

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If the next update is the same, I'll give another comment to JPB that says: ******* game it only wants you spend all money on it.


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Ludia is getting more and more money hungry. They're doing the same thing in the Jurassic World game. Moving slowly but surely towards pay-to-play. After completing JPB 100% legit and after the last update that added the 3 dinos available for real world money only, I decided to hack the game. Kinda my screw you to Ludia for making anything in the game unobtainable for free-to-play players. So I got those 3 and the newest 6 for free. I had to re-download JPB just to get these new 6, so I could update the stats pages with them lol.

Those stupid card packs are straight out of the jurassic world game. I'm beginning to get the impression that Ludia is hurting for income. Or they're just getting more greedy. Either way they are chasing people away from their games

On a side note DetroVite, please watch the language. I don't mind it personally but I do try to keep the site kid friendly. I'll edit your post to exclude the objectionable language, just please refrain from using it in future posts. Thanks

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that real world money should be bucks. there are people playing really hard to get a lot of bucks, but for nothing because at this point, you need freaking real money!Games are to enjoy, not for wasting money!

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Yeah, games are intended to enjoy, but at the same time Ludia has to pay its employees and keep the lights on, so they have to make money somehow. That being said, they do have a terrible buisness plan. Whoever is running the show doesn't have a clue how to keep players happy while still making money. If they charged 1 or 2 US dollars for these dinos and/or card packs, people would be FAR more willing to spend money on the game without feeling ripped off. They need to guarentee you'll get the dino your trying to buy too, these random card packs just make it feel like a "bait & switch" tactic, which is not good for buisness. Charge less = more buyers. The trick is to find the cost at which the most people possible buy stuff. With their current pricing plan, they're just pissing people off and thinning their fanbase and that is bad buisness

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I also agree, but unfortunately I think Ludia might be right. They can't be THAT stupid, they probably did some math. I'm sure they would sell many more packs at 1 or 2 dollars, but still, if they are able to sell, let's say, 1000 packs a week for 50 dollars, that's 50.000 dollars. If they cost 2 dollars and sell, perhaps, 10.000 packs a week, that would be 20.000 dollars - so the first would be the best strategy for them to make money.

Even though I think 50 dollars is outrageous for a legendary pack in Jurassic World, if you read the comments on the Facebook page, you'll see a reasonable number of people will still buy them. Those retards are the ones who cause everything in the game to be so expensive, and not Ludia's "greed". If I were Ludia's owner or president, I would charge 50 or even 1000 dollars for a pack if I really thought this would give me more money...

Here's one example: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/internet/news/kid-spends-nearly-6000-in-jurassic-world-on-ipad-785386

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You do have a valid point cedpo. Jurassic World: The Game is, after all, one of the top 10 grossing apps in 50 countries. That being said, the mobile gaming industry is growing exponentially and Ludia landed some BIG licensing deals with some major corporations like Fox, Universal and Fremantle media (who now owns the controlling share of Ludia). I've previously researched the matter (out of general curosity) and Ludia did do their homework. For most any freemium game, player retention is low. Very low. Google play shows 10+ million downloads of Jurassic World: The Game, which to make it easy we'll just call it an even 10 million and assume they have an equal number of downloads via the apple app store, making a total of 20 million downloads. According to market research, of that 20 million, only about 40% will play for more than 1 day. Only 20% will still be playing after 1 week and about 10% will play for 1 month. Considering that, per Ludia, they have about 2 million people play the game each day, they are spot on with those numbers. Out of those 2 million, research shows only 5% of them will ever spend any money in-game and 1.9% account for 90% of a freemium games income. So out of 2 million people 38000 of them account for 90% of in app purchases. This results in ridiculous pricing that only 1. 9 of people will pay

Where Ludia went wrong is they made a long term freemium game but priced it based on industry standard 30 day player retention figures. Case in point: Candy Crush Saga. By far the top grossing mobile game. At its peak (and continuing with its present day predecessors) Candy Crush was seeing 15 million daily game players on facebook alone, It generated over 1 billion dollars in both 2013 and again in 2014. Kings dominating success was a unique freemium buisness strategy, starting with long term player retention, a low price point for "one time use" type items that would help you progress in the game as needed and subtle yet very strategic and effective use of social media. Requesting an extra life or ticket from your friends keeps your friends coming back to the game too. Jurassic World: The Game is missing (and should have because they are proven profit generators) both Facebook platform compatibilty and in-game social interaction with friends. Friends sending lives to each other and competing for high score bragging rights keeps people coming back to play... and repeatedly paying a buck or two for those power ups or extra lives. It challenges you through its now 1400+ levels and offers a low cost boost to help you get past their strategically placed hard to pass levels. Candy Crush reportedly had a conversion rate (daily players who spent real world money in the game at least once) of around 30%. Thats compared to the indusry standard.0.5 - 2%

Personally, I'd go for Kings low cost per item, more buyers and repeat buyers buisness plan over Ludias hit em hard and hit em now strategy. I have a few friends (5 or 6 of them) who have spent money on Jurassic World game.... Not a single one didnt regret doing so and half of them quit playing altogther because they felt so ripped off. Personally, I hacked it and have everything, but pay for nothing. Only did so because of Ludias pricing. Kings buisness strategy is leaps and bounds ahead of any other freemium game devs, including Ludia. Yet nobody tries to duplicate it, opting instead to build their game then look at the analytics. King builds their games around the anaytics, and they dominate the industry... I think I've made my point

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great news everyone! The dna rescue this week is for UTAHRAPTOR! that means that the pack creatures are actually available by dna rescue too! I'll get it tomorrow!

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