What do the new aquatic and glacier creatures eat?


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Just wondering what the newest characters appetite was, especially in glacier park

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Bit of both but they take ages to evolve and the giraffe thing is hopeless!

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Aepycamelus, Moeritherium & Meiolania eat crops
Kaprosuchus eats meat
Anomalocaris & Orthoceras eat shrimp
Hybodus & Gillicus eat fish

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Yes. They are pretty expensive, and after spending your precious dino bucks, you still have to wait for AGES for them to hatch. I bought the Orthoceras (when it was on sale), I think I paid 360 dino bucks, and then I had to wait something like 62 hours for each hatch (initial and each evolution). Or, of course, you can spend even more bucks to speed it up...

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Each evolvution of the Kaprosuchus is 189 hours. I waited most of it but I will admit that I skipped about 60 hours of its final evolutio , got tired of waiting.

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EIGHT days for each evolution? I think I will simply never buy it...

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Yeah, it is a bit ridiculous, but its just 1 of several glacier creatures that take that long. 200 hours is the most if I remember correctly. Plus, if you're playing with a full arsenal of maxed gold dinos like I am, the Kaprosuchus is well worth the wait (or the cost to bypass it). Its a freaking destroyer. My new favorite in the the glacier arena

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I don't see the "Kaprosuchus" in the store. Is it one that you get through expeditions? Perhaps I'm not high enough of a level yet...?

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I think you have to be at level 50 before you get one. I could be wrong on the level, but I do know its purchase is restricted to players above a certian level. It'll cost you 490 dino bucks in the market

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Actually it will cost 575 bucks, isn't it?

And what is ridiculous is not just the waiting time, but the fact that, AFTER PAYING 575 BUCKS for a dino, you still have to wait 8 days to have it. It would be much faster if it came by mall... From China!

I'm OK with waiting 8-10 days for a FREE dino to hatch (or one you get through expeditions), but not if I'd already paid 575 bucks for it. Special edition dinos (which you have to pay bucks to get) were usually just 1 day or less. The T-Rex, for instance, is also pretty expensive, but much faster to hatch (if I can recall correctly, I got it long ago).

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I think you're correct Caio, its 575 bucks, not 490. The waiting time is a bit ridiculous, especiallly for those of us who need the dang thing to be fully evolved before its of any use in the tournaments. Then you get to wait 8 days for each evolution. So 8 days is now 1 month.... for a creature you payed 575 bucks for. There is always the option to pay another 720+ bucks to bypass the gestating periods.

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