What's your favorite dino and why?

# 05/12/2015 at 20:34

I'm just curious which dion is everybody's favorite and why you like that specific one so much.

Mine currently are:

Jurassic Park:
Stegosaurus. I've always loved the Stego since I was a kid. The tail spikes and back plates are really impressive to me. I was disappointed in the game when I found out it shared the same animations with some of the other dinos though..

Aquatic Park:
Colossal Squid. I got lucky and grabbed this guy when I was pretty new at the game. The stories that go along with the creature are great. And I really like the in game animations and design of the creature. The swipe attack is funny, it's like slapping the other guy in the face. The special attack is very creative as well.

Glacier Park:
Of the ones I own, I really like the Dodo. I think they're funny to watch.
Including those I don't own. As far as battle arena animations go, I was really impressed with the Titanoboa. The special attack on that guy is pretty bad ass.

# 05/12/2015 at 23:44

Thats a good question. My #1 favorite dino in real life would have to be the ankylosaurus. Same as you and the stego, Pon_far, the ankylosaurus is one that I loved since I was a kid. Everything about its massive size, armor plating and its tail club just make it one bada** dinosaur. I know I would think twice about trying to eat one if I were a predator. It was a little disappointing that its a low level dino in tournaments (although I like its animation)

As far as the game:
Jurassic: I'd say TRex, but its too "mainstream" in my opinion. My favorite would probably be the tapejara. I'm not sure why... I just like it (although I only get to use it when a new season starts)

Aquatic: Its a tie... the squid and the doli. I like the squid because its an awesome fighter with its own unique animations. Its "swipe" makes me laugh everytime. Reminds me of swatting at a fly or something... like its saying "GET OFF ME BUG!" I like the doli mainly due to its extended snout. Just looks cool. Plus its a strong sweeper.

Glacier: Titanoboa WAS my favorite due to its tourny strength and its unique animations. The kaprosuchus has rapidly become my favorite glacial fighter. Her strength is impressive, plus the colors just fit. I'm not big on the colors of many level 40 creatures, but on the kapro they just fit.

Great question. I hope others post their favorites too. Curious about what others like...

# 05/14/2015 at 10:53 Master_Builder

Jurassic Park:

Aquatic Park:
Sea Scorpion, partly because it's the only Limited dino I have in this park so the others feel a bit 'normal' to me!

Glacier Park:
Of the ones I own I like the Macrauchenia purely because it came at a point where I had just started the park and I was amazed I managed to get it so early. Plus I kinda like the way it prances around when you clock on it! I really want the Dodo and the Synthetoceras, which I've come across in Tournaments!

# 01/13/2016 at 00:43 DetroVite

JP :

AquaP :
Trinacomerum and Dunkleusteus

Arthropleura and Meiolania

# 01/13/2016 at 00:45 DetroVite

In aqua maybe Anomalocaris,too.

# 03/06/2016 at 02:03 Tyrannosaurus Tex (link)

Tyrannosaurus rex is my favorite because it's the strongest dino ever!

# 08/23/2016 at 02:42 duck

how can i download JPB on the computer? please tell me soon!!!![image][/image]

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