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Hello everyone, just wondering if you could all share your favorite or ideal teams of normally obtainable dinosaurs and what are good levels to have them at. Mainly on the Jurassic side as I actually have all of those. However I've unfortunately never had enough bucks to buy the rare Dino's and never completed a DNA rescue so I don't have any of those..

Up until recently I was winning all the tournaments I entered, granted I didn't play tourneys super often and never went past gold level. But recently I've started losing even in bronze level. Idk if it is because I passed a certain level, leveled the wrong Dino's too high or am just picking my teams poorly now. So I'd like to do what ever I can to increase my odds with what I have. My hope is to start winning enough tournaments to actually be able to buy some rare Dinos and maybe complete some rescues in the process. Thanks for any input!

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There are some in the previous topic. I suggest trying them out if you can't get enough bucks for limited creatures.

Here's my Jurassic team. Not a guaranteed win, but it's pretty solid.

Round 1

Ankylosaurus Lv40
Acrocanthosaurus Lv20
Allosaurus Lv20

Round 2

Pteranodon Lv20
Pterodactylus Lv17
Parasaurolophus Lv40

Round 3

Troodon Lv20
Compsongathus Lv40
Spinosaurus Lv38

If they toss me 3 silver carnivores and I go last, I pretty much already lost. But at least I win more than I lose.

I don't have very good teams for aquatic and glacier though. My glacier team starts struggling at gold league :(

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Those are my current teams in my guest profile. I think they're most, if not all, "normal" creatures. Maybe the formatting won't be very good, but the first number to the right of the dino is the level - then the ferocity, attack and health.

Jurassic Position Dino Lvl Ferocity Attack Health
Time 1 9 Albertosaurus 11 190 754 1427
5 Pteranodon 23 186 964 1553
3 Troodon 23 190 981 1581
Time 2 7 Allosaurus 25 185 954 1541
6 Pterodactylus 19 185 958 1544
2 Compsognathus 40 144 1087 1432
Time 3 8 Parasaurolophus 40 154 856 1450
4 Acrocanthosaurus 25 189 972 1569
1 Spinosaurus 40 158 1195 1580

Aquatic Posição Dino Lvl Ferocity Attack Health
Time 1 9 Leviathan 12 187 743 1404
4 Hainosaurus 18 189 975 1575
3 Platecarpus 40 176 986 1600
Time 2 7 Leptocleidus 14 189 713 1547
6 Shonisaurus 17 184 949 1530
2 Leedsicthys 24 191 1063 1800
Time 3 8 Styxosaurus 13 192 763 1443
5 Basilosaurus 20 186 961 1550
1 Tylosaurus 40 180 1360 1800

Glacier Posição Dino Lvl Ferocity Attack Health
Time 1 9 Megalania 13 182 721 1365
6 Eremotherium 14 189 713 1547
3 Gastornis 27 190 986 1586
Time 2 8 Kelenken 14 186 738 1397
4 Sarkastodon 23 190 981 1581
2 Uintatherium 35 191 1064 1794
Time 3 7 Chalicotherium 17 190 713 1547
5 Thylacosmilus 21 186 960 1549
1 Wolly Mammoth 37 191 1066 1804

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As you can see, I haven't leveled up very much yet. In my "normal", Facebook profile, I am level 95 and all creatures are maxed up, so I just pretty much use the 9 highest ferocities, except in Jurassic where I use the Carnotaurus instead of the Shunossaurus (if I recall correctly)...

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I try to use dinos with similar ferocities. I am avoiding leveling up others, so that I don't have creatures if higher ferocities than those above. For example, in my whole Glacier Park, the highest ferocity is 191, and I have kept all other dinos below this level of ferocity, because I believe if I have higher ferocities, I will face strongest oponnents.

It has worked pretty well so far, I win almost every time, and I usually don't need to use many claws (sometimes none at all).

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I have created my own "ranking" of strenght, which is Attack x 2 + Health. So, for instance, my Spinosaurus is my strongest Jurassic dino with 1195 x 2 + 1580 = 3970 points. Then I pick the 9 strongest ones according to my ranking.

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Just curious, cedpo, why attack × 2 + health? Personally I always went by (Attack + Health)/2...

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At lower levels, attack is far more important than health. That's because no matter how high your health is, the threats you face (sweepers) will always be able to 2HKO you. E.g my dinos are around 150 ferocity each. Threats I face will include Pterodactylus, Troodon, Acrocanthosaurus etc. Plus, meatshield dinos need to be of a higher ferocity than sweeper dinos to be usable, which forces you to face stronger opponents in tournament.

The thing is, aquatic and glacier parks don't have enough sweepers so you're pretty much forced to use some meatshields. Jurassic tourney would be the main source of bucks for low-levelled players.

Of course, once you have a full arsenal of Lv40 golds, health finally becomes important. With the opposing dinos stop getting any stronger than they already are, the meatshields can actually put their bulk to good use.

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