Bot strategy patterns changed?

On 03/22/2015 at 07:33 Quote this message

Has anybody else seen a noticable change in the bots patterns? They seem to be using their specials later than they were (aquatic especially). Is this just me or are others noticing this too?

On 03/22/2015 at 11:38 Quote this message

I'm seeing a change in pattern too. The bot usually uses only one special, if at all, on my 1st dino. And it's usually the 2nd or 3rd attack, not the 1st. The bot then saves the remaining 2 specials to be used by its last dino.

And the team ferocity is quite high, even in the gold league. Tomorrow, I'll enter the platinum league, if the bots increase their ferocity as per their trend the past 3 weeks, I'll be around 400 short in each team. And 600-800 short in the all star league (which I've not been able to win in lately).

On 03/27/2015 at 13:02 Quote this message

Yeah, I think I've figured out the general pattern, at least for the specials. The blocks seem a bit more random to me.

Something like:
--- 1st Dino: Will use a special on 2nd attack or if it kills your 1st dino, then it will use a special the 1st attack it gets on the fresh one.
--- 2nd Dino: After you killed their 1st dino, the 2nd dino will almost always use a special right after it comes out. Occasionally it will use 2 specials in a row if you block the first one.
--- 3rd Dino: Will also use it's special right when it comes out unless your remaining dino doesn't have much health left, in that case it will use it the first attack on your new dino.

I'm not sure on the blocks, but it does seem like they tend to be saved for their last dino, but sometimes one will be used on their first dino. Otherwise when its their last dino they just use all of the remaining blocks all in a row.

That's what I'm seeing, how about you guys?

On 03/27/2015 at 13:37 Quote this message

Yeah, thats pretty much exactly what I'm seeing. Also, as usual, the bots are the least predictable in the Jurassic arena

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