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Bad Wrench, you were asking on another site for different methods used for farming claws.. Like you, now that I am able to earn a goodly supply of dino bucks by tournament play, I no longer farm, but simply buy claws in $500 batches as needed. But for those of you still farming, here is the method I used while still levelling up my dinos.

As the opponents in each battleground stage seem to use the same playing pattern 99% of the time against a particular dino, I determined how high I could go with each of my dinos and win, without using a block or special.

Generally, as the payout from stage 15 downwards was 9 claws or less, I did not bother with the lowest bronze dinos unless I was really desperate for claws.

[Note: this chart is based on using maxed out dinos. For less than max dinos, I kept a running record of what stage I could use for each of my dinos, and changed the figures as each dino levelled up]

10 claws
stage 16
stage 17
stage 18
stage 19
stage 23
stage 24

15+ claws
stage 27
stage 29
stage 31
stage 37
stage 38

[Note: Some of these higher stages are subject to change, as I seldom used these dinos to farm as I needed them for tournaments. Also, at the time I was still farming, I did not have a full stable of maxed out gold dinos]

I found that the least painful way of farming was to farm immediately after each Jurassic tournament using the dinos I had not used in the tournament.

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thanks for your collected data!
Personally I dont feel like farming claws is such a pain. Battles are done pretty fast in my opinion and I always get some coins and Food too.

The way I am farming is pretty much the same like yours. I use the weaker dinosaurs, which I didnt Need in the last tournament. I even think it is more rewarding to use weaker or bronze dinos cause you can do the battles way more often with a recovery time of only ~1 hour instead of e.g. 7 hours.

Lets say if I do a higher stage with a high lvl dinosaur I get 15 claws but I'll have to wait 7 hours till i can redo it. If I do a beginner stage with a low dinosaur I also get about 7 claws per win and can do that 5 or 6 times till my high lvl dinosaur is recovered. So I end up with a lot more claws at least - of course it takes more time to do this.

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Personally, when I farmed for claws I always farmed battle level 16 with my lower ferocity golds and all my silvers. Easy 10 claws per win. The opponents dinos in this level always went down in a single attack. BING, BOOM, BAM... Done. Quick and Easy. I only ever farmed using my bronze dinos if I was desperate for claws. Fortunately, I'm able to just buy them now. Much easier and far less time consuming lol

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I think it can be a great idea to also farm in stage 11. There´s only 2 (weak) opponents, so it´s faster, and you get 9 claws.

If you farm, for example, for 1/2 hour, you'll probably get more claws by playing stage 11 over and over (which is quicker) than by playing other levels (which tend to take about 50% more time for only 1 additional claw).

Unless, of course, you talk about stage 26 and up, which gives you 15+ claws. Although they also take longer as you need more than 1 hit to kill each opponent.

So, bottom line is, probably the most time-effective way to farm is stage 11. Or even maybe stage 10, which gives you only 7 claws but it is only ONE opponent, so it´s pretty quick.

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The method you use should depend on whether or not you need gold and/or food - if so, use the graduated method, otherwise level 16 (it pays 10 claws, whereas 11 only pays 9)

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I farm just on stage 10 and 20.

Stage 10: Every silver and most bronze (max) dinos can one-shot the ptero. 18 dinos (9 silver, 9 bronze) can beat that stage with a swipe (the char and cera may need two swipes). That is 126 claws which you can do twice a day (some of the lower guys 4-5 times a day). But the real reward is the time you dont waste knocking out 90 opponents. The hardest part is scrolling through your fighters.

Stage 20: If you have your Top9, whatever golds you have left (assuming they are maxed) can take the Stego for 10 claws. The number you earn is dependent on the number of supplemental golds you dont use for tourneys.

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I think that most simpl and efficient way is stage 10, Pteranodon.
If your dino's attack is over about 690, you can kill him at one attak.

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Yes, level 10 is probably the most time-efficient, but I still prefer to play level 26 (which gives you 15 claws) with my strongest dinos (except the 9 strongest ones which I use in tourneys), and then level 16 or 17 (for 10 claws) or level 11 (which is faster and gives you 9 claws with only 2 hits, if you have strong dinos). I've actually been only playing level 26, I've got a good number of claws (about 1,600 right now) so I'm not bothering playing the lower levels several times. I've only used my gold dinos at level 26. But yes, level 10 is also a great choice for being fast.

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Yesterday I played 5 times each, with dinos that could bring down each opponent with just 1 attack.

5 times stage 11 took 3 minutes (45 claws)
5 times stage 10 took 2 minutes, but only 35 claws. If I played 6 times, it would be 42 claws (still 3 claws short) and take 2min24s. 7 times would take 2min48s and give me 49 claws. That's 4 claws more and 12 seconds less. But I'd spend 2 extra dinos that I could use in stage 11 to give me a total of 63 claws.

So yes, stage 10 is most "time efficient", but if you care more about getting the most claws with your dinos, maybe it's better to play stage 11 (or even a higher one, like stage 16 or 17 for 10 claws, or even stage 26 which gives you 15 claws, but only the gold dinos can make it). And playing stage 11 doesn't take so much extra time. So it depends if you prefer to save time or to get more claws regardless of time.

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Thanks guys, great thread - I've been doing level 11 and getting 99 claws a day...

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