Cooldown times

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Those timers are seriously bugged. I'm acessing game from different computers on facebbok (my phone just cant take all those endless loading screens)

I was in the tournament on thursday, shut down my computer then, accessed the game from different computers to harvest and now on saturday on my primary computer, the dinos again need a 24h cooldown time :(
The same goes for battles which I use for claw farming.

I wanted giganto too :(

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Have you contcted Ludia support about the issue? It seems a lot of people experience this issue, maybe Ludia can tell you what the problem might be and/or how to fix it

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I share your frustration. When I contacted Ludia support for the same issue, this is what I got as a reply:
Chronic problems with the cooldown timers are usually an indication of data corruption within your account. They could also be a minor glitch which is intended to be addressed in our next update due in the near future. I would suggest waiting till the update releases to see if that solves your problem. If it does not solve your issue then we would likely have to wipe your account in order to get rid of the corrupted data.
Thank-you for your patience,

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About an hour ago, I went in to play a tourny or 3 and for the 1st time ever, my timers were frozen. BUT... after a minute or two it hit me. I was doing some "memory maintenance" on my tablet last night and in the process, I cleared the cache for JPB. I normally don't clear the cache for JPB because then I don't have to wait for the cache to re-download. I've checked twice in the last hour and my timers are counting down as they should. So I'm pretty sure it was my clearing the cache for JPB that caused my timers to freeze. Perhaps thats the cause of other people freezing too...

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I guessed something like that, but well, cache can hardly be shared between diferent devices. A bit bad planning on their part.
They answered me today again with the usual useless

MAR 23, 2015 | 03:53PM EDT
Robin replied:
I’m sorry that this has been happening to you, I understand that it can be frustrating and I will fix this problem for you. Could you please try the list below?
1. Try rebooting your device
2. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game (unless you play as a Guest on an Android device).
3. Try upgrading the operating system on your device to the latest one.
4. Do not run any other applications in the background while playing this game.
If you are still having some issues, I will work my hardest with our team to figure out what is going on with your game! Email us back with as many details as possible so that we have a better shot at fixing this for you.
Thank you for writing in,
Ludia Support

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That is almost word for word the exact same response I got from them regarding 3/4 of my friends list mysteriously disappearing last week. Was told to do the exact same things. They must have that response framed and hanging on the wall somewhere that everybody at Ludia can see it. Sometimes I wish they (and other companies) would just swallow their pride and admit "we don't know what the problem is or how to fix it, but we're trying to figure it out right now".

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I only use my phone, however I've noticed the opposite as you guys.
My times occasionally get reset in a beneficial way. I thought the servers were just resetting, but what happens is; sometimes when my dinos are on cooldown (may have 10+ hours left), when I check back early (b/c I'm super impatient and my dinos in different parks are vastly different levels) the dinos with massive cooldowns will just simply be ready to go. Cooldowns reset. No cost.

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Somebody up there must really like you!

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I thought they patched that timers reset to zero glitch about a year ago. Fortunally my timers don't ever freeze. The 1 and only time they did freeze I know exactly what I did to cause it.

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