Glacier Tournament bots too clever?


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Anyone else noticing that the bots in the glacier tourneys keep changing their attack/block strategy randomly every day? They don't seem to follow any of the predictable patterns of the past. I keep winning in the Jurassic & Aquatic tourneys, but have lost in the Glacier tourneys 7 times in a row.

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They do seem to have changed their patterns. I do find them to be somewhat predictable though.

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I have trouble winning in glacier all the time. I'm at about 50/50 wins/losses. I don't have many glacier creatures yet though. Maybe I dove into glacier all star too quickly

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I've actually been finding the glacier ones the easiest. I'm level 95. In the first round I always face just one Dino, the indricotherium. So I'm able to take it down using three weak dinos (and without spending claws). So I can use my 12 strongest dinos in the semi and final in order to win 2 tournaments per day. Maybe because I have most of the strong dinos, all maxed out. So each day I win one Jurassic, one aquatic and two glacier tourneys, and this way, in four days I can get the whole DNA and get the Dino for free.

I did lose one Jurassic tourney yesterday, although, which was a surprise to me.

I my other (guest) profile, I'm level 53 and I've been winning some and losing some tourneys. But I didn't notice anything special about the glacier. I think all parks have been equally difficult.

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Overall, I think Jurassic is a bit easier, but not by much. I am also level 95 and I used to have just an indricotherium for round 1. I did the same as you, cedpo. I played my weakest 6 (2 teams) in round 1 and the other 12 for rounds 2 & 3. Ever since the release of the last 8 new dinos, after purchasing them I now face 3 creatures in all 3 glacier rounds. Just curious, cedpo, does that indricothetium you face in round 1 always have 1281 ferocity?

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buildersaurus_rex, I'm not sure but I think so, the Indrico seems to always have the same ferocity and it's around this number, 1281 or so.

It's good, or actually bad, to know that after purchasing the latest dinos I will have to face 3 creatures in all 3 rounds. I've recently bought the ones I was missing. They're not maxed out yet. But now I'm missing only 5 creatures. If I recall correctly, they're the Koolasuchus and Enchodus (I expect to get this one in the next DNA rescue) in the Aquatic and the Coryphodon, Smilodon and Andrewsarchus in the Glacier (I've got this last one in my second profile).

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I was just curious because thats what the indric I used to face in round 1 had, 1281 ferocity. Just fyi, cedpo, now that my opponents use 3 creatures in in all 3 glacier rounds it actually seems to have scaled opponent team ferocitys down a little bit overall. With an indric at 1281 ferocity in round 1, rounds 2 and 3 opponents averaged about 3400-3600 team ferocity. Now, with the bots using 3 creatures in all 3 glacier rounds, their team ferocity now seems to average 3200-3400 ferocity and rarely goes above 3500. So its actually a little easier to win glacier tournys now... my glacier teams average about 3300 when balanced into 3 equal teams.

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I suppose it would be pretty easy to win anyway, using your best 9 dinos. But if you balance your dinos into 6 equal teams (to play 2 tourneys each day), your average ferocity would go down.

Still, I have managed in the past to win Aquatic tourneys using my 10th to 18th best dinos. And I didn´t even own many dinos that I have now. I was using dinos as low as, perhaps, about 600 ferocity, and I actually would enter the tourneys to LOSE (but get a chance to get a DNA strand), but turned out winning...

I haven´t tried lately because I could get all 15 DNAs I needed by playing 1 tourney per day in each park, except the 2 in the Glacier (using my 13th to 18th best creatures to fight the first round Indrico and balancing the 12 best into 4 teams for the other rounds). But it is definitely possible to win 2 tourneys a day in the Aquatic and Glacier, using 18 different creatures, especially if you have all the strong ones, but it is possible even if you're missing some of them.

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I should correct myself... where I said my teams average 3300 when balanced into 3 teams, I meant 6 equal teams. I have litrrally every creature in the game, if I only used my top 9 I would completely obliterate the bots lol. You mentioned winning in aquatic using you 10th to 18th best, cedpo... is that how you divide your teams? With tourny 1 being top 1 thru 9 and tourny 2 your 10th thru 18th? I've tried that but found the 2nd set of teams was consistantly a little to weak to win regularly. I found that dividing my top 18 equally among 6 teams was more consistant with wins. Playing 2 aquatic & 2 glacier tournys daily, I've lost twice in aquatic this season and undefeated in glacier. Glacier is pretty easy now, aquatic is probably the most difficult. I get opponents in aquatic with close to 3800 ferocity at times.

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Don't worry, I'm an engineer! LOL. Of course I wouldn't rationally divide my teams into "top 9" and "bottom 9". What happened back then is that I didn't have many of the strong creatures, so I would only play my top 9 in each tourney. But when the time to rescue DNA was almost over, I was still missing maybe 2 or 3 strands, then I decided it was best to pay 20 bucks to enter another tournament with my "weak" creatures, lose it (I didn't have any hopes of winning) and trying my luck with 1 of 3 capsules to get a DNA. By losing I could get a DNA paying only the 20 bucks to enter the tourney. If I didn't get lucky, I would try again. If I was really unlucky, I would get the DNA in the 3rd trial, paying the same 60 bucks (for entering the tourneys 3 times), but I had a good chance of paying only 20 or 40.

But turned out I could manage to win the first round with 3 weak creatures, then I managed to win the second, and ended up winning the final as well!

I may be wrong, but it seems that, if you use 3 weak creatures, the bots kinda adjust themselves, using weaker attacks etc., so that you still have a chance. You will probably need to use all your blocks and special attacks, but there's a chance.

As for now, I have all creatures but 5 (2 aquatic and 3 glacier, though I'm still evolving a few of them), so I can make 2 strong sets of 3 teams in aquatic and glacier, mixing my top 18 in each park.

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While I am not at two tournaments a day (Im about 4 dinos away from that in the two parks), I have found glacier to be the one I always win. It could be the fact of my strategy: strongest first and use all three blocks asap. If you block one special attack you win, if you block 2-3 specials its an easy fight that will save you claws.

If you fail to block a special in those first 3 attacks, its a pretty even match (50/50). Judicious use of specials will decide it. If they switch their dinos, game over for them.

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