Have Your Tournament Fees and Rewards Changed?!?

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Ever since the end of this week's DNA Rescue of the Gigantosaurus my entrance and reward prices are much lower. For my Gold tournament it costs $3 to enter and I can win $12, and then for both of my Platinum tournaments it costs $4 to enter and I get $16 if I win.

This is just a fraction of what it used to be...I wouldn't really mind never having to pay over $135 for a DNA Rescue dino, but farming bucks for other things is gunna be quite hard. is this a change for everybody or is mine kinda messed up?

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My tournys have the same entrance fees/ payouts as before. 1 tourny per day (per park) with a 120 buck prize and 30 buck entry fee, 2 tournys per day with 60 buck prize, 3 tournys per day with 20 buck prize. I don't recall what the payouts are for gold and platimun leagues... but in case you don't know, the payouts within each tourny level (silver, gold, platinum etc...) vary throughout the day. In all star league, for example, if I play a tourny right now, the prize is only 20 bucks. But that same tourny has a 120 buck prize if I play in the mornings. Could this possibly be the reason you're seeing the difference in payout/entry fees?

Also, during dna rescue events the varied payout schedule is removed and the payout remains the same throughout the event (only for those who are participating). In all star, instead of having a single 120 buck tourny, two 60 buck tournys and 3 20 buck tournys per day... during dna rescue it becomes 6 tournys per day all with an 80 buck payout.

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Ohhh, yeah that might very likely be the reason, since it appears that the next tournament to rotate in is a little bit higher. I'll have to keep an eye on that.

I've honestly only really focused on tournaments during the DNA Rescues since I didn't want to climb too far and not be able to win when I need to win for DNA.

Do you know if the lower payout tournaments are supposed to be easier even if they're within the same league? That could be helpful for me to utilize during the DNA Rescue tournaments.

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To the best of my knowledge, the difficulty would vary from person to person because its supposed to be based on each individual players level and dinos... however for you as an individal the difficulty should remain the same (within a specified league) regardless of what the payout is

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i win the jp tour 2x one at 20 and the other at 80 prices got disconect right at the end in the select 3 dna thinggy could some one from Ludia send me 100 dinos bucks please i think u people cheated the player like us =P

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