How does the matchmaking in tournaments work?


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I would really like to know how the matchmaking in tournaments work. I see the enemies I am facing getting stronger over time.

Does the strength of my enemies depend on my Overall ferocity or in my player Level or something Else?

Another Thing I am curious about is the Prize of the tournaments. Some time ago all all-star-tournaments where at least paying 100 bucks. Now Most of them are about 20 bucks. What happened there?

Thanks for help!


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According to Ludia, matchmaking should be balanced with your own level. They don't specify what exactly determines your opponents ferocity though. I think its somehow based on your top 9 dinos, but I don't know for sure. I've actually been tracking my opponents bots ferocity for each round I play... trying to figure out how they actually determine opponent ferocity. As soon as any pattern becomes visable, I'll be adding it to my site, but I just recently started logging that info so it may be a week or two before any patterns emerge. So keep checking back on that one

As for tournament prizes, I don't know why they reduced the prizes. I'm guessing it has something to do with Ludia's profit margin, but who knows

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Thanks for your fast response!
I Sent my question about the mechanics behind the matchmaking to Ludia also. We'll See if I get any Information from them.

Do you have any specific Information about the recovery time of the dinosaurs? Does the time depend on the ferocity of the dinosaur?

If I buy back a Dinosaur two Times, the price for Buying him back again rises exponentially.

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I asked Ludia about the matchmaking about 3 weeks ago, they gave me a very generic answer that didn't make it any clearer. I'm sure you'll get a similar response. I did, however, notice that the tournaments I played a few minutes ago were alot easier than usual. Opponent ferocity only twice exceeded my own, which with the way my teams are setup is a very rare thing. Usually my opponents ferocity is 200-800 greater than my own in nearly every round (unless opponent only plays 1 or 2 dinos).

As for dino cooldown times, yes, each dinos ferocity has a direct effect on its cooldown time. As you further evolve a dino, its cooldown time increases. With fully maxed dinos, theses cooldown times reach as many as 28 hours. Each time you buy back a dinos it doubles in cost and it does double exponentially, like you said. If you wait an hour or so that cost/cooldown time returns to normal.

As for the fast response, your welcome.... but this ones even faster lol

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I started playing the tournaments last week and noticed an interesting pattern. Even though I spread my top nine dios into 3 equal teams, the opponent bots progressively increase their team ferocity by around 200 with each round. For example, in today's glacier tournament, my team ferocity for teams/rounds 1,2&3 were 1700, 1708 and 1745 respectively. My opponent's team ferocity for teams/rounds 1,2&3 were 1797, 2025 and 2189 respectively. I lost in the final round.

These were not fully evolved dinos. But the same pattern was seen even in Jurassic & Aquatic tournaments where my top 9 are fully evolved. 7 days in a row. Always, the opponent starts with my equivalent ferocity in round 1, then increases the team ferocity by 200 in the semi-finals, and by another 200 (total 400) in the finals.

(All these numbers so far are in gold and platinum leagues, I have not yet reached the all-star league in any park).

Has this pattern appeared to anyone else? Thoughts? Comments?

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And yeah, it was the Platybelodon that finished me off in the finals.

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My opponents don't follow a pattern thats progressively higher in ferocity in each round. For me (all star league) i ALWAYS get the weakest team 1st in Jurassic & Glacier. Almost always get the strongest team in round 2 for all Jurassic & Glacier. Aquatic I usually get the fight the opponents highest ferocity team first and weakest team second. For example; today in Jurassic opponent ferocitys were R1 2182, R2 3040, R3 2917. Glacier was R1 1291 (just 1 dino, is exactly the same everyday), R2 3394, R3 3240 and Aquatic was R1 3617, R2 3317, R3 3514. So to answer your question, I dont see that same pattern, but I do see a different pattern.

Good job recognizing those patterns thihal, now its time to exploit those patterns and use them to your advantage!

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I'm new to this forum, am I right to assume that you play Bots in tournaments then?! I always thought that I was playing other players. I play on iPhone if that makes a difference?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Master_Builder. Yes, you are playing against bots. They disguise themselves as other players by using other players profile pictures. But they are, in fact, bots.

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Wow, you learn something new every day eh?! Thank you!

So the difficulty is based upon my level.... I shouldn't do the exploration then I guess?

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Difficulty is based upon a couple of factors. The main thing to be aware of is that as you/your park gets stronger & stronger, you opponents will become stronger as well. Also, as you reach higher tournament levels, your opponents get "smarter". You mentioned in another post you were up to gold league. If you notice, your opponents don't always use the correct attack (bite, swipe or charge) in gold league. In platinum league they use the correct attack most of the time, but not always. In all star league your opponent will use the correct attack 100% of the time.

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The prise money for tournaments have always been the same for me over the last 2 years. DNA tournament the same. In the morning prize money is higher,and drops every 4 hours. If you want to compete in big dollar tournaments all your Dino's should b full evolved, in any tourney its a must

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Its ok Chris, I deleted the duplicate posts :)

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If your top 9 dinosaurs are cooling down, if you used your lower ferocity dinosaur would you be given easier bots? If you know what I mean...?

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According to the wiki enemy levels are based on the highest tournament level you've achieved in the past, if i understand it correctly. Is that true? that's important information. I don't want to go to allstar if it'll make my opponents permanently harder, even after this tournament is over. I'd rather farm the lower levels.

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No, that is not true. Your opponents are scaled to you/your dinos. Proof of this can be seen in this thread here It took a few weeks, but opponents scaled down when the user sold all his dinosand reconfigured his tournament team building strategy using lower level creatures.

The biggest difference between allstar, platinum, gold etc is that accuracy of your opponents attacks (i. e. whether or not they use the correct attack). in all star they attack with nearly 100% accutacy, and their accuraccy is far less in bronze league

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I tournament every day since 2014 in Jurassic and 2015 with Aquatic and Arctic I've never lost an Arctic or Aquatic Tournament and have only lost in Jurassic about 5-7 times...where are the world rankings for this game I'd like to know?

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I tournament every day since 2014 in Jurassic and 2015 with Aquatic and Arctic I've never lost an Arctic or Aquatic Tournament and have only lost in Jurassic about 5-7 times...where are the world rankings for this game I'd like to know?

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So when I play a tournament I play against bots? Or I play against people?

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