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I would like to start a thread in which we could discuss best Team Setups or Team Development in individual cases.
I am getting to a Point where its difficult to make Profit in tournaments or to win tournaments at all.
Maybe you can help me out, which dinosaurs I should concentrate on evolving or leveling up next.

At the Moment my ferocity ranking is the following:

1 - Brontosaurus - 373
2 - Tyrannosaurus - 330
3 - Stegosaurus - 276
4 - Rajasaurus - 195
5 Pteranodon - 162
6 - Gallimimus - 97
7 - Spinosaurus - 79
8 - Allosaurus - 74
9 - Ankylosaurus - 67
10 - Corythosaurus - 53

Should I concentrate on my Gold dinosaurs or try to get the others till 9 on a equal Level like my Gold ones?
My Problem is, that most of the dinosaurs from 6-9 get one hitted by Specials of the enemy creatures. So I have to buy back the top ones often to win the tournament.

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Coincidently, I literally just updated the dino evolution page with all new info about exactly what your asking. Give it a read and hopefully it'll help. In a nut shell, it says level them up at the same time. That way you don't end up with an excessivly strong team. Because that will lead to 2 weaker teams. Let me know if you still have any questions after you read it

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Actually thats pretty exactly what I looked for. Already expected this, but wanted some kind of confirmation before I start using my coins and Food.

Should we upgrade bronze dinosaurs at all? In my case I upgraded a Spinosaurus, cause he is doing a pretty good amount of damage till now.
Do you think this is it worth or should I just wait for other silver or Gold dinosaurs?

You are doing a great work around here! Really helpful Information so far! Thank you again!

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Really thats up to you. Just keep in mind that any dinos you evolve could raise your opponents average ferocity in the tournaments. Personally, I would avoid evolving bronze dinos it if possible. Save the food for gold dinos. If you do level up bronze dinos, I'd make sure to do it with the stronger bronze dinos. Get more bang for your buck

I'm glad you find my website useful.. thats what it here for

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