Is there a way to make sure you go first in battles?


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Hi I'm in a position where I have always got 5-600 ferocity less then the bots in tournaments. It means I find it hard to win unless I am attacking first. Is there a way of making sure you go.first or is it just done randomly?

Thanks and great site!!

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Thanks hanee, I'm glad you like the site

There is a way to make sure you will go first, but only for round 1. Rounds 2 & 3 are just random. When your looking at the matchmaking screen, if your on the right, you will go first. If your on the left, your opponent goes first. If your on the left, simply hit "cancel" on the next screen (the dino selection screen). This will cancel your tournament entry and yes, it will refund your entry fee. Repeat as necessary. By doing this you can ensure you go first, however, like I said this will onky work for round 1. Rounds 2 & 3 there is no way of making sure you go first.

I uploaded a pic to the server that might help clarify, heres the link

Also, if you're in all star league you can buy back 1 or 2 dinos to reuse during a tournament and still make a profit (if you play for the 120 grand prize). Sometimes that helps because you can have stronger teams... using only your top 7 or 8 instead of your top 9.

I hope that helps

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