opponents getting easier?

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It seems as if the bots are becoming easier. Is this just me or are others seeing this as well?

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For me they aren't getting easier in any of the parks, I'd say about the same. However I don't have a maxed out bar in All Star in any of them though.

Aquatic is just easy in general, but I'm not using any less specials than before, still about 3 per time. I'm at 1630 in All Star only using 3 dinos that are above level 5.

I believe that Glacier will be similar to Aquatic, but I still need to acquire some more guys for it.

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Oddly, unlike what you said about aquatic, generally speaking it is the arena that I have to use more blocks/specials in. But lately I've been using less in both glacier and aquatic. Lately I've been fine tuning my strategy in aquatic & glacier arenas so the easier wins must be result of an improvement in strategy. Lately I've only used my 3rd dino in about 50% of the matches I play... often have 2 blocks & 2 specials left as well. Can't complain about that

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I actually feel it's becoming more & more difficult to beat the bots in my Glacier tourneys (I don't have maxed out creatures in this park). In the Jurassic & Aquatic, it's the same as before: Jurassic is the easiest to win, and Aquatic is winnable if I use all available blocks & specials.

Can you please elaborate on the fine-tuning that you are working on in terms of strategy? I could use some savings in blocks and specials.

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@ dinofan : The "Great Wall of Dinosaur" strategy was added a few days back: http://jurassicparkbuildertournamentstrategy.doomby.com/pages/tips-strategy/strategy/tournament-strategy-1.html#thegreatwallofdinosaur
He might be referring to that strategy. I haven't tried it yet since I haven't acquired enough food to max out all my dinos yet, so I'm sitting at a combo that I know I can win with.

@ buildersaurus_rex: Do you use this strategy in all parks? And for both of the two sets in Aquatic & Glacier (where you use the dinos ranked 1-18 to create 2 teams).

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No, I dont use the same strategy across all parks and yes, it does vary slightly depending on which team is in play. I will be happy to go into further detail, but I will be busy for next few hours so I'll have to post it a little later.... Its kinda complex in its details. Just look for that post in a few hours

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In Jurassic, I just play the "clean sweep" strategy (more commonly known as the meatshield tactic). Because round 1 consistantly is just 2 dinos, I offset my teams so I have 1 weaker team and 2 stronger teams. Other than that, I just save blocks & specials for last dino.
In the order of play, teams are: (all lvl 40)
T1 Carnotaurus, Amargasaurus, pachyrhinosaurus ferocity 2734
T2 Nasutoceratops, Dryosaurus, Giganotosaurus ferocity 3134
T3 Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, T-Rex ferocity 3102

In aquatic, teams are as follows (in order of play, all lvl 40)
Tourny 1
T1 Protosphyreana, Squid, Dolichorynchops ferocity 3126
T2 Odobenocetops, Megalodon, Pliosaurus ferocity 3153
T3 Archelon, Trinacromerium, Metriorhyuchus ferocity 3369
Tourny 2
T1 Henodus, Koolasuchus, Helicoprion ferocity 3362
T2 Elasmosaurus, Geosaurus, Sea Scorpion ferocity 3355
T3 Baculites, Mosasaurus, Enchodus ferocity 3408

Note 1: note that in tourny 1 T3 and all tourny 2 teams, my strongest health dino plays 2nd and weakest is last
Note 2: Tourny 1 T1 & T2, strongest health dino plays first, strongest attack dino is 2nd

Opponent average ferocity 3250-3550 but can occasionally be 3700+

For all teams unless otherwise noted:
1. IF I GO 1ST & OPPONENT BLOCKS, then I block their 1st hit as it is likely a special
2a. from this point forward I do not block until my 2nd dino is nearly dead, then I block/special as needed until I re-gain the lead and kill opponents 2nd dino

1. IF OPPONENT GOES 1ST I do not block 1st hit
2b. If opponents 1st shot was a special, I then block their 2nd attack as it will likely be another special.
2c. If opponents 1st shot was not a special then.....

3. (Applies to tourny 1 T1 & T2 only) I block my opponents 1st shot on my second dino... about a 75% chance it will be a special
-OR- 3. (Apllies to tourny 1 T3 and all tourny 2 teams)I continue play as outlined in 2a

Glacier... see next post

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Round 1 in glacier my opponent consistantly uses just 1 creature, usually an indricotherium but on occasion it'll be a coryphodon. Because of this, my teams are greatly offset, giving 1 weak team and 2 much stronger teams for each tournament
these teams are as follows (again, in the order of play and all are lvl 40)
tourny 1
T1 Macrauchenia, Gigantopithecus, Andrewsarchus ferocity 2900
T2 Procoptodon, Coryphodon, Titanoboa ferocity 3382
T3 Dodo, Diprotodon, Deinosuchus ferocity 3309

Tourny 2
T1 Amebelodon, Daeodon, Smilodon ferocity 2810
T2 Synthetoceras, Indricotherium, Amphicyon ferocity 3371
T3 Mastadon, Elasmotherium, Marsupial lion ferocity 3356

Opponent avg ferocity 3200-3500 but on occasion it'll be 3600

For Tourny 1 T1 & Tourny 2 T1 is simply play through without the use of blocks or specials & that is usually enough for the win. Occasionally I might need to block once to prevent a loss

All other teams, play is identical to that of my aquatic tourny 2 teams

Overall my goal in aquatic and glacier is to defeat my opponents 2nd creature before they defeat my 2nd creature

Typicaaly I win with between 2-4 blocks/specials remaining and my 3rd dino at 50% health or more. I'd say about 40% of the time, my 3rd creature is unused and only about 10% of the time, my 3rd creature has less than 50% health. The other 50% of the time I finish with my 3rd creature and its health above 50%

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