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I've been participating in lots of tournaments lately to stock up on bucks. Here are my teams (I don't have a Glacier team yet).

Team Jurassic

Ankylosaurus Lv40
Acrocanthosaurus Lv20
Allosaurus Lv20

Pteranodon Lv20
Pterodactylus Lv17
Parasaurolophus Lv40

Troodon Lv20
Compsognathus Lv40
Spinosaurus Lv37

Gallimimus and Camarasurus were originally part of my tourney team. But they simply can't hit hard enough and pose little threat to opposing 2-star silvers so I've replaced them with Acro and Troodon. Not bad.

Team Aquatic

Psephoderma Lv13
Odobenocetops Lv7
Kronosaurus Lv39

Helicoprion Lv9
Trinacromerum Lv7
Tylosaurus Lv25

Basilosaurus Lv17
Geosaurus Lv7
Leedsichthys Lv19

This one is really shaky. They use the Great Wall of Dinosaur strategy (absorbing blocks and specials with the first two and trying to sweep with the last one). However, it only works if the opponent leads with something weak AND is willing to waste blocks on it. Taking down a team of silvers is definitely out of the question. While it is not impossible to win, I've been losing far too often with my aquatic teams than I want to admit.

So what is the best course of action to patch up my aquatic team (and to prepare my glacier team)? Should I try to get more silvers and level them up, phazing out my golds as they come? Or should I just go all out by getting enough golds through limited DNA and DNA rescue and level them up instead while ignoring my silvers? And what about Glacier? I have 5 golds, all level 5, plus the first 5 bronze creatures (no silvers). Still wondering what to do with them........

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Hi seadinasaur. First of all, have you figured your teams total stats? If you know each teams total attack, total health & total ferocity (although ferocity isn't important) you can spot any weaknesses within your teams and then balance them out. How much of a ferocity disadvantage are you facing (on average)?

If you playing in all star league, it may be benefical to "buy back" 1 or 2 of your dinos & reuse them in a tournament. Also, whenever possible, playing with bronze (or silver) dinos that are equal in ferocity to your opponents gold dinos will give you a huge advantage. Bronze dinos that are equal in ferocity to silver/gold dinos are always much stronger. Silvers are stronger than golds of equivelent ferocity. Obviously, you can only level bronze & silver dinos up so far... but if you can match your opponents ferocity with a lesser "class" dino... it will make a big difference. If you haven't already seen it, this page will clarify why that is.

Another suggestion would be to try a different strategy. I've found that the strategy titled "the blocker" is an effective strategy, especially in aquatic. Heres a link to it

Also, heres a link to a forum thread where a few people have been experimenting with how to get opponents to lower their ferocity...

Hopefully that'll help... but if you still need help, like with balancing your teams or something... just ask. Happy to help

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Thanks for the reply :). However, I don't think the blocker strategy is very good at this point as it is unlikely that my highest HP creature can easily take down their lead. If they lead with a 2-star silver or worse, 4-star bronze, I won't stand a chance. Also, my last fighter needs all the blocks it can get.

In the first round, their ferocity compared to mine is usually around +40. In the second round it is around +80, sometimes +100. In the final round, they regularly exceed mine by at least 100.

I will try to level up my bronze and silvers. Hopefully the opponents don't go berserk XD

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My tournament opponent stats just reset a few days ago. Maybe yours were updated too. Hopefully you're having better luck.

I may have found the new best Aquatic and Glacier teams, but we'll see. I'll wait and report at the end of the season.

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So I've replaced some of my aquatic golds for silvers (I leave any new golds I got in level 1 to reduce my park's average ferocity) but the opponents aren't getting any weaker despite the reduction of my teams' ferocity. Round 3 had me going against 700+ ferocity teams even though my teams' ferocity did not exceed 600. Luckily I'm still able to consistently win using the clean sweep tactic (only lost one aquatic match this season).

Speaking of tournaments, I just had a really weird experience today. It was my Psephoderma against an opposing Protosphyraena. I was in the all-star league. Proto charged at Seph and Seph charged back. Then Proto decided to bite for some reason. Obviously it did crap damage and Seph finished him off. I wasn't expecting an all-star opponent to use a 'wrong' attack though I didn't really need this slip-up to win. Guess I lucked out and saved myself 20 bucks.

I also bought the T-rex and raised it to Lv 5 so that it can qualify for the battle arena. Hopefully it won't jack up my tourney opponents' ferocity TOO much.

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It definitely seems that opponent's stats will be adjusted up higher much faster than downwards.
I had to wait 2 weeks for my Aquatic and Glacier park opponents to be reset after I sold all of my dinosaurs and started over.

I don't know if I've personally seen an All-Star opponent use the wrong attack, I don't watch what the opponents do when I play tournaments. Except in Jurassic, I watch in those and they haven't used the wrong attack. The Jurassic opponents are pretty stacked compared to my dinos, I almost don't even want to play tournaments with them anymore.

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I've seen all star opponents use the wrong attack. Its rare but it does happen on occasion

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They do use wrong attacks. In my experience, about once per match. Or sometimes they switch instead (which is "the worst attack" since it's wasting an attack). They usually make 1 mistake per match which can be wrong attack or switching. Especially if they are about to finish you (for example, you are on your last dino and they are still in the second with plenty energy. It happens often to me since I use my strongest dino last, weaker ones first, and I leave all my claws to use in the end. I almost always win, though, and many times I don't even use any claws at all, or just 1 block. At most, I end up using 2 blocks and 2 specials, but the average I spend per match is about 10 claws).

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