Team building in excel + sorting data

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As the title says this post is about using excel to organise, sort and easily view your creature's data. As well as building teams with automatic update on teams' stats.
These are the files and previews:

It s pretty straightforward but some info anyway for Jurassic's file:
Column A: Name + bronze/silver/gold status
Column B: Food + plus feeding status ( I use a circle when the creature can be fed)
Column C: Stars ( Regarding creature's level)
Column D: Ferocity
Column E: Attack
Column F: Health
Column G: Max Gold
Column H: Gold timing
Column I: Gold per hour
Column J: Size
Column K: Approximate rebuy price ( might not be 100% accurate, formula is =(Ferocity/50)+1 )
Column L: Battle arena's best without blocks or specials
Column M: Weakness
Column N and O: Create your teams using these columns. Column O is for rebuy. Just enter the creature's team ( From A to F) and its position ( 1-3)
Column P-R: Those update automatically according to what you typed in N-O. Displays team's ferocity, attack and health.
Also displays your top 9 and top 18 stats
Column S-W: I use those to log my opponent s team according to tournament ( platinum to bronze) So I know what to expect also provides team averages per creature/team/full tournament stat (Row 10-12)
Column S and T at row 6: displays how much bucks you earn during dna rescue by automatically removing the rebuy price if you used column O during your team building.

That s it. Hope it helps some of you.

Edit: The forum adds some nasty code to the images but the links are working

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I'm going to take a closer look at these when I have a little more time later, but at first glace it looks like you've done some great work on these! Thanks for the post sorry about the images/code, that one is outta my control, I'm going to send a email to my websites host (doomby) and ask why it did that

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Hey nookos, I was just taking a good thorough look the spreadsheets you posted and WOW! I took a glance at them when you 1st posted them and I was impressed with them then. I intended to look at them more thoroughly but I forgot about it until now. Seriously, you've done some nice work on these. Very nice. How do you get the cell backgrounds in columns E, F, G & I to show a bar graph like that? I can stumble my way through the =sum, =average and a couple other basic formulas. I wish I knew how to use excel like you do. The formulas at S6 & T6 are WAY over my head.

I'm curious about how you log your opponents teams. I don't see a formula (like =average for a designated column containing every opponent team you face) for these cells: columns S thru W, rows 2 thru 4. Are these your opponents from a just a single tournament or do you keep a running average on paper or something? I'm curious about the opponent team average numbers shown in rows 10 thru 12, columns S thru W. How closely do they match your actual opponents in the game?

Anyways, I'm very impressed with your work. I have my own way of doing things but iits not as effecient as your spreadsheets. But I'm a creature of habit so its too late for me to change my ways lol.

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Thanks and kudos to you too for all the good stuff you share on your website.

It s very fast and easy to learn excel. I didn t know how to do those things before I needed to do it. So in order you asked:
- The graphs in the background are called conditional formating. When you have a column selected you go to Menu- Home - Conditional formating. There you ll find many many options to add visuals to your data. There is very easy presets to apply in one click or you can manage the rules more thoroughly with the manage rules button.
- The formulas at S6-T6 are simply looking in column O to find any creature I use by putting them in a team as a rebuy and then subtracting that from the tournament winning price. That formula is called Dsum and needs 3 parameters: 1 the location of your whole table. 2 the name of the column in which to look for data. 3 The condition required to make the formula active ( you might have noticed that at the bottom of the file there is all the conditions it s looking for.
- Logging my opponents is done by hand. No formula. I just enter the highest ferocity ( not average) team I encounter during a season so I know how to adjust my teams. And the average and sum in row 10-12 are pretty much useless. Rows 2-4 are the ones matching my opponents. I use those 10-12 to know when I ll be able to have 6 teams instead of 3 by comparing to my top 18 stats.

In short it looks more complicated than it is.

By the way while doing this I realize how hard it is to do 2 tournaments per day per park. I am not there yet. I was wondering if in the past the bots were weaker? Right now, for me the aquatic park bots team are: 3733 - 3748 - 3605 and glacier are: 3714 - 3421 - 3425. Do you have same opponents or sometimes bots put only one or two creatures in a round? I only get that in jurassic now.

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I know the spreadsheets look more complicated than they really are. I fully understand the importance and/or relevance of all the data so I knew what I was looking at for the most part. Anything that wasn't 100% clear by simply looking at your spreadsheets was cleary outlined in your original post. What might make it seem more complicated to some people is the amount of data presented in a small space. I never had a need to learn excel, nor do I now. But I'm definitely going to play with it a little more.

All my data logging/tracking was largely done by hand. I have a 3 subject spiral notebook that is almost full of nothing except JPB. About 25% of it is all my team building/balancing I've done up until now (figured team stats etc. on paper & with calculator... old school lol). The remainder of the notebook is largely "play by play" tourny data on the bots that I would log as I played. I then use that to determine % probabilities of when the bots will use specials. Same as your spreadsheets, its looks more complicated than it is. I dont track the bots anymore though, simply because I don't need to anymore.... I rarely lose. All I used excel for was to keep an easy to update log of all my creatures stats. So basically it was just logged into excel by hand. Only formulas were 1. Park total ferocity/ average ferocity 2. total & average ferocity of top 9 and top 18.Then I had a seperate row specifically to keep a running average of opponent ferocity (Which I reset whenever theres a noticable change in the bots patterns).

Your opponents are scaled quite high so playing 2 tournys is rather difficult. Mine used to be the same as yours... there was one time I even played an aquatic bot whose team ferocity was over 3800 (the highest possible is 3843 in aquatic!). My opponents are scaled a little bit lower than they used to be (in terms of ferocity). Now my opponents teams average around 3450 ferocity with an ocassional 3650+ in aquatic, average 3350 with an occasional 3550+ in glacier and in jurassic they average a whopping 2800 with an occasional 3100+. Like I said, my opponents have scaled down some and heres how I did that (note: I have every creature in the game, including the new market creatures. missing only the platybelondon which is not yet released)

In aquatic I sold all bronze and silver creatures, then re-purchased them and have left them at level 1 (resulting in a lower park average, which is why I bought them back) I have done the same with the following golds: styxosaurus, leviathan, bananogmius and ophtalmosaurus. All other golds are maxed level 40

In glacier, I did the same thing with all bronze and silvers. As for golds I sold/ repurchased peltephilus, arsinoitherium, kelenken & megalania. All other golds are maxed level 40.

Jurassic I sold & repurchased all bronze & silvers and leveled them upto 5 (in case I need them to farm claws ever again, which is unlikely). All golds are maxed level 40.

I play 2 tournaments/day in aquatic & glacier. This season I am 100% undefeated

As for your question about opponents ever using only 1 or 2 dinos... in jurassic round 1 they never use 3, always 2. Until very recently in glacier (and the recent change away from this pattern coincides with kaprosuchus purchase/full evolution) I had round 1 was always just a single indricotherium, nothing more. I reconfigured my teams to better match this pattern because this pattern was present 100% of the time.

Can I add you as a friend? I'd like to see your parks. If no, its cool. If yes, just send me/ my page a message via facebook messenger... that way facebook info isnt publically posted here.

Thanks for the kudos, btw.

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