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I see that you've added the Tournament Payout Schedule to the site. Good job! I kinda had an idea, but it's good to have the correct information.

I was just wondering why the schedule is so stupid. The best payout is from 8am to 12am, which here in Brazil is 9am to 1pm. Then the "second best" ones, at only half the payout, are from (in my time) 1pm to 5pm and from 1am to 5am.

Those are my work times and my sleep times! Why the heck do they want to prevent people who work (and who sleep) from playing the better payout tourneys? I could win 120 bucks per trophy but I can actually only win 20 bucks, except on weekends!

Anyway, I know you guys won't be able to help me, but maybe someone from Ludia will read this and think about that. Maybe that's on purpose because those are probably the times their servers would be more busy, but it is really frustrating...

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I completely agree. The schedule could be improved. The highest paying tournaments are from 6am to 10am for me, so I can do them in the mornings usually. It kinda makes sense that they would have it the way that they do. If less people can participate in the high paying tournys, it cuts into their profit less... because (in theory) more people would buy bucks instead of win them. At least thats the way I see it

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