Tournament Season extention & last minute DNA rescue

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What are everybodys thoughts on this. Given the fact that some peoples season reset, others partially reset and others didnt reset at all... I think Ludias server glitched and they tried to cover it up as best they could. Whats everybody else think?

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This didn't have any negative impact on me at all this time. I started playing JPB again last week after a gap of 5 months, so this was my first DNA rescue and I was happy to see something new. Also, I had barely reached the silver league in each park when the season was extended, so no complaints.

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I do have some issues with the resting-time for the dinos though. The clocks are frozen. My gold dinos needed around 24 hours of rest after my last tournament yesterday. I checked the stats now (after 18 hours) and they still show 22 hours of cool-down time left.

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Hmm, that's interesting - I was in the last category with no reset - well we have to roll with the punches eh - but now what happens? My stat section shows that season restarts on Sunday, March 15th.

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Mine didn't reset either, but reading on JPB page other peoples season did reset, or partially reset. As for the season ending on Sunday, I posted on JPB page asking about DNA rescue this weekend and their reply was that there won't be a dna event this weekend. That being said, I asked the same thing for this last weekend and was given an incorrect answer.

As for your cooldown timer issue thihal, it might be the result of an improper game save after leaving the tournaments. if you go into one of your parks after you're done playing tournys and collect coins from at least 1 creature or building, it will ensure that your tourny progress is saved correctly. I can't promise that that will fix the problem, but its worth trying

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My cooldown timer doesent work either. It's super frustrating. The collecting after had zero effect. I wrote Ludia, and they just went with the -

I’m sorry this is still happening to you.
The development team is aware of this and hopefully this will be resolved with the next available update.
My apologies for the inconvenience.

How utterly useless :(

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That sucks, ZlataRibica. I'm sure it is super frustrating. Hopefully there will be an update soon, it has been awhile since the last one.

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Have you tried accessing the game from a different platform (android, ios or desktop)? Maybe that would help. I play on my tablet (android) and I never have any issues with cooldown times

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check that you pc/device/ios/andriod has the correct time/day and date it needs to be correct time where you connect to internet.
this is what i found is needed, it also fixed sending /reciving gifts to other JPB players

On 03/13/2015 at 03:43 Quote this message

Thanks for the suggestions, thebadwrench & Ian. Yeah, I still have the same issues that ZlataRibica has. Although, the clocks freeze only 1/3rd of the time, not always. I wrote to Ludia too, and received a slightly more detailed reply:

Chronic problems with the cooldown timers are usually an indication of data corruption within your account. They could also be a minor glitch which is intended to be addressed in our next update due in the near future. I would suggest waiting till the update releases to see if that solves your problem. If it does not solve your issue then we would likely have to wipe your account in order to get rid of the corrupted data.
Thank-you for your patience,
I think I was better off not knowing this. At least I wouldn't have known my parks would eventually be wiped out until it actually happened.

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