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Hello there :) I am new to this forum and have a question. Does anyone Know about/created a program/dokument (like The dokument that figures out your income per 24 Hr etc four your park) where you can write in The stats of your 9 strongest dinos and it will make balenced Teams for you?

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Hi there Hunter... and welcome :) To the best of my knowledge nobody has created anything like that. Its not too difficult to do manually though. Have you been to the team building page on this site? It outlines exactly how to build good & well balanced teams. Heres a link to it

If you'd like some help just to get some good teams to start with, I'd be happy to put some teams together for you. I'll just need some info from you first. I need to know each of your top 9 (preferably 10, its not uncommon that peoples # 10 dino is better to use than #7, 8 or 9) NAME, FEROCITY, HEALTH & ATTACK stats for EACH dino.

T-Rex: Ferocity=1200 Attack=3888 Health=8400
Repeat for each of your dinos

If you post all that info soon, I can put together some teams for you by the end of the day, early tomorrow at the latest ;)

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I read that guide when i started out a couple of weeks ago and found it really helpfull :) here are my 9 strongest dinosaures (have lookt The stats up) and how i made The teams up, I am sure theres room for improvement:
Team 1
Pteranodon Ferocity=162 Attack=842 Health=1350
Brontosaurus Ferocity= 439 Attack=1015 Health=3145
Pachyrhinosaurus Ferocity=477 Attack=1360 Health=3596.
-----Team 2
Dryosaurus Ferocity=256 Attack=734 Health=1932
Stegosaurus Ferocity=551 Attack=1274 Health=3948
Pterodatylus Ferocity=293 Attack=1512 Health=2438
------ Team 3
Albertosaurus Ferocity=173 Attack=691 Health=1298
Shunosaurus Ferocity=411 Attack=950 Health=2945
Tyrannosaurus Ferocity=600 Attack=1850 Health=3990
Team 1 Attack= 3217 Health=8091
Team 2 Attack= 3520 Health=8318
Team 3 Attack=3491 Health=8233

Ps. Sorry if The post looks like a mess it is hard to do this from the phone. :)
Pss. Why do you need the Ferocity? It does not mean anything?
Edit: added Health+Attack tags for easier reading

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I asked for ferocity for 2 reasons. First, it serves as a starting point when dividing your top 9 into teams & second, it serves as a secondary confirmation of team equality when done (although differences in team ferocity does not always indicate unequal teams)

As for your teams, they are not going to get much more balanced than they already are. I worked the numbers several different ways and I'm not coming up with anything better than what you already have.

Your top 9 have an average attack of 1136 and average health of 2738. Multipied by 3, attack=3409 and health=8214. So in a perfect world each of your teams would have 3409 attack and 8214 health. Unfortunately its not a perfect world, but all 3 of your teams are darn close to those numbers though. Team 1is a little short of attack & health, but like I said, I can't come up with anything better than what you have already.

Are you having trouble getting wins or something?

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Well.. Not really I make more than I lose even if it happens that I lose to. It is more that I need to remake The teams pretty often when I get new dinos or evolve old ones, thats why I wondered in The first place after I saw how good you hade made that dokument for dino stats. Btw do you know how often dinos like Nasutuceratops (wrong spelling) become avalible i The shop?

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I know the feeling. Rebuilding your teams remains a constant until your park is maxed out. Its good to know that spreadsheet download has been useful. Theres no way for me to know how many people have downloaded it, so its good to hear some positive feedback on it. The math formulas in that document are fairly basic when it comes down to the details. I'm sure formulas could be devised in excel that would form balanced teams for you, but it would be far more complex than my knowledge of excel allows for.

As for the Nasutoceratops (you were close on the spelling), generally speaking, I'd say you could expect to see it once every three to four months. I've never actually charted the release dates of limited edition dinos, so thats just my best guess

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Ah alright guess I wont see that dino in a while. Also I use the strategy where you have a sweeper that use all specials + blocks but what am I supposed to do when the opponent dont use thier blocks before their last dino I can handel 1 maybe 2 but 3 start to be really tuff? I play safe all the time so I wont get a special blocked and it makes the matches really close sometimes, closer than I want them.

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Have you tried playing your strongest health dino first & using your blocks with your first dino? That strategy works well too, more so in aquatic & glacier, but it works in jurassic too. This link will describe it for you

Just fyi, statistically speaking, the bots use their specials in their 2nd attack against your first & second dinos more than any other time. If I remember correctly they do that about 60% of the time whereas the odds of them using a special at any other given time is 30% or less. That is unless they've recently changed the bots gameplay algorithms. I haven't been playing much lately so don't hold me to that...

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Will try that strategy, sounds like fun :) might be better for me to do that have alot more high Health creatures than attack... Did not know about the specials have higher chance/risk of coming on The second attack, it is good to know thanks:)
PS. In The stats page their is a wrong, platecarpus in aquatic is weak to Swipe and not bite. :)

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I used to track and catalog each of the bots movements, was looking to expose patterns (like that one lol) in the bots gameplay strategy. I haven't done that in awhile though, so that info might not be accurate anymore. Its been about 2 weeks since I've even played the game.

Thanks for the heads up on the platecarpus weakness. Thats been wrong for months now and your the first to notice. I made the correction

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No worrys :) I am happy to be helpfull.
You play Jurassic world insted? Or not play at all?

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Yeah, I've been focusing more on Jurassic World. I have every creature you can get in Jurassic Park Builder. Theres really nothing I can do in that game until the next update

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So they are still updating it? I though they not hade updated it for months?

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They've said that Jurassic Park Builder will still recieve updates and server operations will remain unchanged after Jurassic World game release. I tend to believe that will remain true because soooo many people are unable to play the Jurassic World game due to both limited device compatibility and because theres no facebook/PC version (and there won't ever be one). There is normally 3 or 4 months between JPB updates, theres only been one or two since the 1st of this year. On the JPB page I've seen them comment to a few people about there being an update in the works, no mention of when it will be though.

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