Weaknesses of new Glacier & Aquatic park creatures

# 03/27/2015 at 06:29

Hi, has anyone been able to identify the weaknesses of the 8 new glacier & aquatic park creatures? Do they show up on the bots' side of the tournament yet?

# 03/27/2015 at 12:04

This is what I have been told so far (i have not verified these myself)
Hybodus = charge
Gillicus = charge
Meiolenia = charge
Moeritherium = charge
the rest I dont know yet

# 03/27/2015 at 12:43

I just came to know that for the remaining two in the aquatic park, it's also charge.
In glacier, Kaprosuchus = swipe.
The camel is still unknown.

# 03/27/2015 at 13:39

Thanks dinofan! If your looking for their stats, I have them posted on my facebook page. Will post them on website tonight.

# 04/01/2015 at 09:13 Caio

I can't find the stats. I found them on the Facebook page, but can't find which dino is which park. I also need the data for Baculites, my newest aquisition.

# 04/01/2015 at 09:48

Hey Caio, I apologize on my falling behind on those things... website update is taking longer than expected. Everything should be up to date abd operational sometime today. As for new creatures and which parks they are in... Gillicus, Orthoceras, Anomalocaris & Hybodus are aquatic. Aepycamelus, Meiolania, Moeritherium & Kaprosuchus are glacier. I'll post Baculites stats on my facebook page for you right now

# 04/01/2015 at 11:57 Caio

Thanks! And I hope you are able to finish the site soon, you are doing a great job!

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