What are the LOWEST Level, most Efficient Tournament Teams that you've come up with?

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Alright friends, I have completely redone my Aquatic and Glacier team and I think I've got one of the best possible team that can be made as far as efficiency goes. Here are the reasons why:

---ALL of the dinos I use are "normal". You unlock them as you level up and find the DNA. (NONE are from DNA rescue tournaments or the DNA that you can only find for 24-72 hrs.)
---Low ~5 hr cooldowns! The cooldown time after a tournament that you have to wait in order to battle again is pretty low. An average of 5 hrs 45 minutes for Aquatic and an average of 5 hrs 0 minutes for Glacier. The low cooldown times will let you play in the 120 buck, and both 60 buck tournaments each day without having to buy your dinos back! However, if you play the 120 buck tournament late, you'll have to spend maybe 6 bucks per park buying the dinos back. This can really cut down on your profit. *sarcasm sign*
---In both parks, only 1-2 blocks are needed and absolutely NO Specials! That's right, you can stop wasting time farming claws. This is because the basic attacks of your dinos will K.O. the enemy in one shot! (This is true 99% of the time: sometimes in Aquatic if the enemy has a dino with 130+ ferocity or sometimes in Glacier if the enemy has a dino with 120+ ferocity a normal attack on them will leave a sliver of health).

Note: Both of these teams I'm sharing with you have been tested this past month and have made it to ~70 wins in All-Star League (in two weeks) without any losses.

Shonisaurus - Lvl: 23. Ferocity: 249
Basilosaurus - Lvl: 26. Ferocity: 242
Hainosaurus - Lvl: 23. Ferocity: 242
---The rest are all level 5 fillers:

Sarkastodon - Lvl: 26. Ferocity: 215
Thylacosmilus - Lvl: 24. Ferocity: 213
Gastornis - Lvl: 30. Ferocity: 212
---The rest are all level 5 fillers:
Wolly Mammoth

Quick Note on Strategy: I play each round starting with two level 5 filler dinos and one of my closer (I use weakest closer dino in 1st tournament with the strongest two lvl 5s, however the stats are so close you can probably use whatever you want, whenever you want as long as you have 1 strong closing dino in each tournament). The two level 5s fight first: this will cause the enemy to at least use 1 block or 1 special almost 99% of the time, often times they use more. This provides an easier time for the closer dino to finish off the enemy. Also, make sure you use the correct attack that the enemy dino is weak against (hopefully that goes without saying, but it is necessary for success . I will note however, that often times I leave and let the game automatically choose attacks for me, and I'll come back with my last dino fighting at 3/4 health and one or two of the enemy dinos already dead; and from there I finish that tournament round.)

Final Note: If you have to sell your dinos and re-level them up, the tournaments can take some time to adjust. Mine took about 2 weeks until the opponents had their team ferocity lowered down from what it was previously at. The dinosaurs listed for my teams are the only leveled up dinos I have in my park (I have some lvl 1 dinos, but they can't fight in tournaments of course). This is important to keep your opponent's teams at the appropriate ferocity level.

That's pretty much everything. Winning and farming Dino Bucks is easy!!! Good luck everybody!


I'm starting this b/c when I first started the game I had a low level team in the Jurassic Park that worked pretty well, however I did start losing with that half-way through All-Star. Thus I'm guessing this will only work in Aquatic and Glacier.

I hate having to climb back up into Gold during a DNA Rescue tournament in order to even start getting the DNA pieces, so I'm keeping my dinos at low levels so that their cooldown is low and I can battle more frequently.

I have a successful Aquatic group, but am working on Glacier. I want to see if anybody else has had similar luck, and with what teams.

In Aquatic I am currently at All-Star with 1830 points: 46 wins, 1 defeat (I battled in bed late one night and didn't have weaknesses...). I use maybe an average of 3 or 4 total specials/blocks with each team (however earlier today my 3rd team made a victory without using a single special/block!). I'd have to double check, but I think my maximum cooldown for the Aquatic park is about 11 hours, and I'd only ever have to buy back 3 since my other dinos are only level 5.
My teams are:
Team #1:
Leptocleidus lvl 5
Styxosaurus lvl 5
Megalodon lvl 17

Team #2:
Shonisaurus lvl 5
Psephoderma lvl 5
Mosasaurus lvl 16

Team #3:
Basilosaurus lvl 5
Hainosaurus lvl 5
Colossal Squid lvl 21

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I wish I could remember what my teams were when they were at lower levels... all my creatures are maxed out now. Are you having trouble winning in Glacier arena?

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My Jurassic and Aquatic top 9 are maxed out too. But I tried a similar lower level strategy with the Glacier Park, and it worked fine for a week, even in the All Star League. That was when I had only 10 creatures in my park. Then it became impossible to win, as I kept adding more creatures. Apparently, the bot chooses its team ferocity based on our park's total ferocity, not just the top 9.

So I either had to level up my warriors or sell all but 9 of them.

I can't stand the colors of the higher level evolution, especially in the glacier park. So I sold all the non-players, instead of leveling up my top 9. But the bot still kept hitting me with the same ferocity as before, thus forcing me to level up further if I ever want to win. I simply don't play the glacier tourneys beyond Gold league anymore and just use it to farm DNA strands during the rescue weekends.

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Pon_Farr, I'm curious, are the 9 aquatic creatures you listed the only ones currently in your park or do you have more as well that are not used in tourneys? In other words, how does your park's total ferocity compare to the top 9 tourney creatures?

Buildersaurus_rex, I recall your your earlier observation that when you sold all your bronze & silver dinos, the team ferocity of the bots came down by a little (around 200). How long did it take for you to see this effect, from the time you sold them?

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@ Buildersaurus_Rex: I still win in Glacier, but my 3 hard hitters are not quite as even as in Aquatic so some battles are closer and I'm not sure how far I can go.

@ Dinofan: In my Aquatic park; I have 6 others that I don't use. They are all bronze level and add a total of 129 ferocity making my whole aquatic park: 1946.

The 3 hard hitters I use have ferocity of:
Megalodon: 421
Mosasaurus: 525
Colossal Squid: 510
The other filler dinos that I use have an average of 50 ferocity each. They're good for taking away maybe one special or one block (one of both if I'm lucky).

I face teams with dinos averaging 250 ferocity each. Sometimes they're getting a bit tricky now; I'm at 2155 points with 57 wins and 2 losses. My max cooldown are two dinos with 10 hours 30 mins.

Once I get all of the top 18 dinos, then I'll see if I can feed them all up to max. Then that should be more efficient to fight with 2 teams instead of fighting with 1 team twice, unless the battles aren't as easy as things are now... I'm not sure yet.

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Initially I saw a drop of about 200 ferocity in my opponents and it was immediate. But on average, in the time since then, I'd say the average drop in ferocity was actually closer to 100, not 200.

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I was checking out the Dino Health:Attack Ratios page. So technically to make the best and most efficient team, one would want to choose the highest ratios correct? As for ferocity, only level them up so that their ferocities are the same as whatever creature reached level 40 first. This is how it would work, correct?

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Well, I hate to label anything as "the best team". If you ask me, "the best team" can only be defined as a team that wins. When it comes to the ratios, it's just something to keep in mind when both evolving your dinos and selecting your teams. At my level, selecting the highest ratio dinos would have disasterous results, because the highest ratio creatures are bronze. Even selecting only gold tier dinos with the highest ratios would lead to tourny losses because my teams would be all attack and no health. As it says on the building teams page, health and attack are both important.

As for the last question, I'm not 100% sure of what your asking, but if you want to reach level 50 in the battle arena, you'll need at few gold tier dinos that are maxed... which in itself would scale your tournament opponents up to using gold tier. Because of this you would have to level them up past the point of any bronze creatures that reached level 40 first. Plus, if I remember correctly there are missions that require you to have X # of stars on a gold creature. This would again force you to level creatures up past the point of any bronze creature at level 40

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I mean, a team would have to be something like:

Some Dino: Lvl 23 Ferocity: 285
Some Dino: Lvl 35 Ferocity: 279
Some Dino: Lvl 40 Ferocity: 282

They would all be dinos with the highest ratio, so then that means they would have the best attack:health ratios of any other dino they would be going against. How well this would work kind of depends upon how ferocity is calculated though, but trying that was my idea.

Also: What is the purpose of completing all 50 stages of the battle mode anyway? Do you actually get something special or just simply some bucks, gold, and food? B/c if you don't unlock anything special, then fighting in All-Star Tournaments would be a lot more profitable.

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No, there isn't any noteable reward for completing all 50 battle stages. For some people, like myself, 100% completion IS the reward. Fighting in all star tournaments can definately be more profitable the lower the evolution is of your dinos is... simply because your recovery time is much less. But again, for many people, including myself, half of the fun is reaching 100% completion. That in itself is a reason to evolve your dinos. Plus I believe that opponent ferocity is partialy based on your player level (1 thru 95). I'm not 100% sure of that though. If your playing stirctly for dino buck profits... then keeping your dinos at a lower level of evolution as long as possible will help, but I'm sure that at a point, in one way or another the game is going to force you to evolve your creatures in order to continue winning tournys.

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@Pon_Farr what is your level? Do you still have same situation in your Aquatic tournament. It's obvious that ludia has changed something in their algorithms in tournament.
@dinofan I have the same situation like you, completely the same.I want to experiment and sold all special dino's at Glacier (Coryphodon, Elasmotherium, Mastodon, Dodo, Macrauchenia, Titanoboa, Amphicyon). Everyone has ferocity of around 600. Total ferocity of my team was around 1900, with Peltephilus, Eremotherium added to my team.
I managed to win always in Aquatic and Glacier and two play two games per day when DNA rescue was in progress. Then 3-4 weeks things has changed. My opponents started to grow with ferocity and my average ferocity of the Glacier Park was not changed. Then I started to fight in tournament with opponents from middle ferocity class (Phorusrhacos, Smilodon, Daeodon, Andrewsarchus, Marsupial Lion) with ferocity of: Round 1: 2000, Round2: 2200, Round3: 2400. So, it was impossible to win in round3 :) After my experiment I have completely the same situation. My first top 7 are gone and I have completely same opponents like before. Round 1: 2000, Round2: 2200, Round3: 2400. Nothing has change. My Glacier average ferocity is around 300-350 :)

I'm level 59 now, and I will continue to experiment to find new patterns and algorithm of ludia. I think that the ludia goal now is to push you to max out dino's. I have my dino's max out in park and I always win easily. So, if someone have different idea's or experiment to share I'm listening about.

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@ Mikky: Everything appears to still be the same for me. I'm working my way back up in Aquatic with the same team. I'm in All-Star right now, but only with 935 points (I ended last season no problem above 2000), but I'm still winning.

Glacier is similar to Aquatic for me, but my 3 Dinos are slightly higher level. I'm at 920 points right now on them. The team might even be better than the aquatic b/c I'm able to 1 hit all opponent's dinos when using a special.

My character level (or whatever you call it), is Lvl 51.

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Just an short info. I continue with my experimental project and sold all of my dino's in glacier park. Results are the same, maybe a little bit worse :) So, now I have 3 dino's at lvl5, Titanoboa, Macrauchenia, Amphicyon. First Round opponents have 2100 ferocity. It's amazing :D. Now I'll wait for season to end, and I will see what will be the status in next tournament season.

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@ Mikky - Can you actually get to All-Star League using dinos that are only level 5 ?

How many tournament points do you have, and what league are you in?

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In Glacier Park I'm All Star league with 848 points. I was 27W-7L before my experiment. Previous leagues I passed with all victories. I will wait now until season ends. Then I will send you feedback about my experiment. Anyone to have contact (mail, facebook) from dinofan?

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Sorry I was off the radar for a while.
Mikky, I've been having the same pattern throughout last season. My team ferocity: R1-600, R2-700, R3-750. My opponent's team ferocity: R1-1300, R2-1450, R3-1600, which was same as what I was hit with before I sold all but 9 of my animals and reduced my ferocity.
This pattern continued into this season as well, scaled down proportionally to whichever league I am in (bronze/silver/gold). I am currently at gold. And now here's the good news - the bots finally reduced their team ferocity in accordance to mine today. Bots: R1-550, R2-600, R3-650. So what I'm seeing is that Ludia's algorithm does adjust the bots' ferocity according to ours, but it takes a lot of time for the program to execute it. In my case, it took over 3 weeks.

I'm yet to see if this will let me win in the Platinum & All-star. Will update as and when I get to it, although, it might be a couple of weeks before I get to play again. Anything interesting from your experiments yet?

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Hey dinofan, same situation here. Completly the same. Yesterday opponents ferocity have a huge reduce. Previously I have only 2 animals wit total ferocity of 400. Opponents at first round have 2000 total ferocity :) I think that yesterday some query was executed in ludia database.
So the conclusion is that algorithm calculate all dino ferocity, not average of first9, not total average. It's not average, it's something "more battle ready dino's, more opponent ferocity". Ludia push you to max out your dino's. The fact is that you can't have 18 dino's with average of 12 hours cooldown, you can't play 4 tournament games for one day in one park :)
I will continue to experiment and write you new conclusions :)

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Thats an interesting theory Mikky. More battle ready dinos = more opponent ferocity. Its worth investigating for sure

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Update: the pattern we were discussing earlier worked for the platinum and all-star leagues as well. I've been winning in the all-star, with 2 specials and 1 block to spare in each round.

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I was happy playing on my park with all dinos maxed out, but once I saw a screenshot of someone who won four times as much All-start tournament as I did on a season. At the beginning I thought it was cheating, but later on I found this site and found out that it is possible to play a tournament on all start several times a day, the only thing you need is a lower level team.

My first experiment was a complete failure; I took sold all gold dinos on Glacier and a few silver dinos and try to create a balanced team at a lower ferocity level. I didn't work because even after a week, the bot still use a team with a ferocity of 3500 on average, something that a silver dino can't beat.

The second experiment was a little more ambitious, I just created a new park, but this time I controlled very careful the level up process, to make sure all dinos always have the same (or equivalent) ferocity. I was able to form a very low level team with only Bronze dinos which could beat the tournament, but I found it could work fine on all but All-Start level. So I made my math again, leveled up my team and found a solid team which I found can beat the Tournament with no problem on All-Start:

Team #1:
Pachycephalosaurus lvl 30
Carcharodontosaurus lvl 40
Compsognathus lvl 14

Team #2:
Ankylosaurus lvl 15
Parasaurolophus lvl 13
Baryonyx lvl 39

Team #3:
Brachiosaurus lvl 14
Ceratosaurus lvl 40
Spinosaurus lvl 13

The teams seem unbalanced, this is because the bot plays with the following ferocity: R1: 150-165, R2: 165-180 and R3: 180-190. The fights are easy if bot chooses silver dinos, but it is a nightmare when I have to fight a Spino or a Compy with ferocity over 55, since they can kill any of my dinos on one hit with special attack.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the thread has been updated. I present to you: THE BEST AND MOST EFFICIENT TOURNAMENT TEAMS EVER! (the best I'm going to come up with anyways) ... aaaand, a bunch of smileys!

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Pon_Farr, seems like you've tested those teams thoroughly. But I'm curious how empty your parks became without any special edition creatures in them. Also, as effecient as those teams maybe in tournaments, your sacraficing a huge amount of coin production capability, effectively reducing their overall effeciency. I'm not trying to be rude or anything... this will all make sense in a minute.

My question to you is whats the benefit of reducing your parks to a minimum to create said teams. I did some quick math for dino buck profits, as well as coin profits for a fully evolved park (using mine for the numbers)

We'll eliminate Jurassic tournaments from the equasion entirely, so playing with my fully maxed creatures I can do 2 aquatic & 2 glacier tournaments daily. Thats 1 120 buck & 1 60 buck tournament for each park.

In one week that equates to 1,890 dino bucks net profit for aquatic and glacier tournys
Plus in 1 week, if I collect coins just twice daily frrom just my aquatic & glacier parks (with NO decorations bonuses, 0% on everything) I'd profit 21,307,685 coins

In that same week if you play in 1 120 buck & 2 60 buck tournys daily for your aquatic and glacier parks, you'd get a net profit of 2520 bucks. However, your coin production would be bare minimal with largely level 1 creatures and just 3 in each park between levels 20 & 30. I'm going to give benefit of doubt and say daily coin production collecting twice daily is 150,000 coins in each park. So that comes to 2,100,000 coins weekly (and I doubt its even close to that much). Thats 19,207,685 coins less than a fully evolved aquatic & glacier park.

Heres my argument... in the market place 5,010,000 coins costs 250 dino bucks. You would have to buy coins 4 times before you'd have the equilvalent amount of coins, costing you 1000 dino bucks. So you're dino buck profit drops from 2520 bucks to 1520 bucks. Thus leaving the fully evolved parks as being more efficient with its unchanged 1890 bucks profit.

My question to you is where is the effeciency? I know I'm getting technical about it... but I do think its a valid argument. Afterall, everyone wants decorations in their parks, which for the most part cost coins.

**feeling smug** so I'll jokingly finish with a aaaaand, a bunch of smug smileys!

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@buildersaurus_rex: That's a very interesting comparison, and I think it's valid too. As far as "most efficient tournament team", I'd say it qualifies in; well it qualifies in the tournament aspect: low cooldowns, perfect win rate, and even easy to obtain dinos. As far as an over-all efficiency translated into the whole game (as long as you still need coins), then I guess with this team you'd be missing out on 370 coin-translated bucks per week. Once you're maxed out on coins though and have nothing you wish to spend them on ( the decorations you buy with bucks are usually cooler! ), then the efficiency would turn to a 630 bucks per week increase. However, at a certain point with bucks, you don't really need anymore of those either. I guess something worth noting is that you can get essentially everything in the game with bucks, but coins are a more limited form of currency.

One place I do think this method shines more than anything other would be for lower level players. These dinos can be obtained pretty early on in the game and you don't have to break the bank to get them to the levels needed to win a bunch of tournaments. I read a lot about new players not being able to afford the temporarily released dinos, so at least they can use this method at first to solve that problem and to advance in the game a lot faster.

Depending upon what a player wants out of the game, they should definitely weigh the overall options though. And at least everything isn't set in stone once you choose a certain method, it will take some time, but someone could always change their mind and switch.

The following is my true rebuttal / refutation of your argument:
I have all of the limited edition dinos I could get (missed a few, but I'll get them when they come around again). Aaand, my parks aren't empty! I just have a bunch of cute baby dinos!! They're nice and tiny and thus a more suitable size for their cages. They may not be rainbow colored, but one thing is a fact: you didn't see anybody getting eaten by baby dinosaurs in the old Jurassic Park movies, thus they're obviously safer for the guests and would undoubtedly come with lower insurance costs (something the game should implement so that my method is always better than yours ).

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Well, I knew I had a valid arguement and I knew in one way or another you'd have a intelectual and valid response. You have not let me down! lol

In response to your rebuttal/response:

1. I misread your statement of using only dinos obtained through normal game progression, i.e. no limited edition dinos used in your teams. I mistook that, seeing it as that you didn't have any limited editions in your parks. My bad on that one.

2. Bucks are a more universal currency in the game, yes. However decorations purchased with bucks being cooler is strictly a matter of each individual players opinion. Its also worth noting that decorations purchased with bucks are extremely expensive in comparison to decorations purchased with coins. The decorations surround My trex enclosure alone carried a total cost of over 6000 dino bucks. Another arguement to getting everything in the game with bucks... DNA research and evolution cost coins and as we all know it takes alot. Game progression requires certian dinos to be leveled up to level ##. Although you can purchase coins with bucks, its a far less cost efficient way to get them. The subject of DNA research and evolution brings me to my next arguemen...

3. Game progression requires you to level up various creatures to certian levels so that you can complete various missions. Case in point, one of the first glacier creatures you obtain (and one of your level 5 "fillers") is the Wolly Mammoth, which if I remember correctly, must be leveled up past level 5 to complete a mission. I can not quote the specific mission, but I think your required to level it up to 20 to complete a mission. Thus resulting in opponent ferocity levels being forced up. Same can be said for missions that task you with things like having 2 herbivores evolved to level 20.

4. This is not a rebuttal but rather an agreement with your statement about weighing your options. I think many people jump into tournaments to quickly and level things up too far, resulting in opponent ferocity levels being forced up past the point of their ability to win.

5. This is my favorite rebuttal of yours (had me laughing for real) and one to which I believe I can "one up" Lower insurance rates result of parks containing baby dinos. Although this is a stretch on the word "baby", its a valid arguement nonetheless. Smaller doesn't mean safer. In regards to movie examples of people not being eaten by baby dinos. I first refer to the death of the famed Dennis Nedry in the first movie. He was killed (and presumealby eaten by) a dinosaur half his size, a Dilophosaurus. Furthermore, just like the movies velociraptors, the dilophosaurus' size was misrepresnted in the movie. In actuality, Dilophosaurus was around 20 feet long and at the hip would have been about waist high on a human. See image at bottom of post for reference. So, I think the one in the movie would classify as a baby I also refer you to the death of AND confirmed consumption of Dieter in the Lost World movie. He was eaten by a pack of Procompsognathus, or "compys". A very small statured dino and also a dino whos size wad misrepresented (slightly) in the movie. These were actually about 1 meter long but shown in the movie as being slightly smaller than that. Sooooo..... they must have been babys too Conclusion: My insurance cost aaaaand your insurance cost wouldn't be much different

Although I am again feeling smug I must give credit where credit is due and say well played Pon_Farr, well played

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I wish I read this topic before charging into the tournaments. I've levelled up many of my fighters way past Level 5 already. Plus, I need them for the DNA rescue and everyone knows how dreadfully long the incubation times can get (especially glacier).

You know what I planned to do? Get every single DNA rescue and rare creature, then level up my creatures starting from Glacier, then Aquatic and finally Jurassic. For now, they will be stuck at whatever level they are at.

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