When do you fight?


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I was wondering when you guys fight your tourney's... I only do it when there's a DNA rescue going on as I'm afraid that my dino's aren't strong enough (particularly in Aquatic where I only have one rare at level 86 ) to compete much more so tend to just take advantage of the increased bucks that come with tourney's and farm claws in the week.

I'm sure you guys are much stronger than me but do you fight all the time, or like me, wait until you get additional bucks with tourney's?

If so, how do you manage?


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Personally I try to participate in tournaments in the mornings, when the grand prize is at its highest. In addition to that I'll try to get a few tournaments in the evening as well, when the grand prize is at its middle level. So, in a perfect world, I can participate in 5 tournaments per day without buying back any dinos. 1 Jurassic, 2 Aquatic & 2 Glacier. Of coarse it doesn't always work out that way, but thats when I play if I can.

As far as DNA rescue, since I now have every creature in the game, DNA rescue doesn't effect the winnings. The prizes remain normal for those who already have the creature featured in any particular DNA rescue event.

I will note that difficulty level really doesn't change between DNA rescue & normal tournaments. So if your able to win during DNA rescue you should otherwise be able to win too.

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Thanks, although it's not so much the difficulty level between tournaments and DNA rescue that stops me from taking part in the week. Moreso, that I can really only get to end of Platinum with Glacier and just past gold on the other two so I limit my tournaments in order to earn the inflated level of bucks at the time of a rescue.

I was just wondering whether this is a widely adopted strategy for those who don't have many rare dino's in aquatic/glacier or whether it's a better strategy to get the bucks upfront in the month, to invest, despite the loss of potential income.

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I sometimes do the 120 buck jurassic tourney but other than that I only fight regularly during DNA rescues.

Btw did they changed the way tourneys work? When you lose, you usually get to participate in the same tourney again to vie for the DNA strand. However, I just lost an aquatic tourney and was asked to wait for the next tourney (and no, I didn't get the DNA). Anyone else experiencing this? This is not the first time such a thing has happened to me.

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Sea, its good. Say you put in $20 for a tourney you lose, you choose a consolation DNA petri dish. If you get it right, hooray! If you get it wrong, sink $20 into the same tournament and throw the lowest dino in there (to throw the tournament) now you get a 50/50 look at the DNA samples.

If perchance you still guessed wrong. Spend another $20 and get that third petri dish. (youve earned it) Why do this? That strand was worth $60 if you were to buy the strand from Dr. Wu.

All these numbers are for the all star league, if you are at the gold or platinum levels its a better deal.

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Guess the game just hates me for some reason...

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I try to fight the 120 buck All-Star tournaments. If I miss it, I'll hit a 60 buck tournament instead.

I'll of course do the DNA rescue if there is one, otherwise I keep farming the 120 buck tournaments. I've been super busy lately though, so sometimes I don't farm. I'd only farm a tournament if it was at least 60 bucks or more, otherwise it isn't worth it to me.

I only farm in Glacier and Aquatic. All of my top 9 Jurassic dinos are level 30 and I only win if I get lucky on blocks and specials. But my Glacier and Aquatic only have a 6 hr max cooldown, so I can farm the 120, 60, and the other 60 buck tournament if I need to.

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As I said in another topic, I'm at work when the 120 buck and 60 buck tourney take place, and sleeping when the other 60 buck one does, so on weekdays I can only fight the 20 bucks one. And I don't. I've just been playing when there's DNA rescue. Now I already own all the DNA rescue creatures, and I have over 5,000 bucks to spare, so I will just fight if it's for 120 bucks.

Although in my second profile (guest) I'm still missing some of the DNA rescue dinos, so of course I will fight for them, but other than that, I won't fight as well, except for 120 bucks. In this profile I own about 4,500 bucks, so there's no point in wasting time fighting for mere 16 bucks (20 prize, minus the cost of 4 bucks to enter).

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