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Welcome to the Ingen Information Center. Here you will find links to all the spreadsheet pages and links to all the tips & strategy pages.

The Ingen Information Center is also accessable on all pages via the "Quick Menu". The quick menu is at the top & bottom of each page and looks like the one seen below 

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Tournament Payout Schedule

JPB Tournament and Payout Schedule. The included time zone conversion widget will help you figure out the difference in time between you and Ludia.

Ratios 1
Breaking Down Dino Stats

An informative breakdown of creature statistics. Explains how different things influence a creatures stats & what makes the T-Rex so powerful.

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Generating Resources

Guide to Jurassic Park Builder resources. Includings info on buildings, decorations, harbors, generating coins, dino food, dino bucks & farming claws

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Finding DNA & Dino Evolution

Detailing all aspects of DNA research, evolution, expeditions including how to find rare DNA (limited edition) and benefiting from in-game friends

Building Your Teams

Includes: Making Spreadsheets, Creating and Using Offset Teams, A Detailed Guide to Team Assembly and more

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Tournament Strategy

Including: Dino weaknesses, blocks, special attacks, 3 different tournament strategies are outlined and more

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Included: What are bots? & How to determine if your playing against a bot

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DNA Rescue

Included: How DNA Rescue works, DNA Canisters & DNA Rescue tips and help

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Battle Mode & Code Red

A few tips for battle mode and code red Registered & Protected