What are bots?

For those who don't know, when you play in the tournaments you are playing against bots. So what does that mean? Bots are A.I. (artifical intellegence) opponents that operate on a series of complex mathematical algorithms designed by Ludia to make the bot appear as if it were an actual person. These algorithms are slightly different in each arena (Jurassic, Aquatic & Glacial). The bots will even use the "chat" feature in the tournaments, saying things like "nice hit" or "I need to feed that one more". 

How can I tell if I'm playing against a bot?

There are 2 big "red flags" that reveal the presence of a bot.

The 1st is if you pay attention to the amount of damage your opponent does in each attack, you will see that their attacks are padded (or "nerfed"). This means that the bots do less damage when they attack than they should given their ferocity. For example, a fully evolved Tyrannosaurus Rex normally does 3888 damage, but a bots fully evolved T-Rex does around 3200 damage. 


The 2nd "red flag" that reveals the presence of bots is the patterns within their gameplay. The bots are predictable. You can't predict what they'll do 100% of the time (remember those algorithms I mentioned?). However, under certian circumstances the bots will frequently repeat their actions and if you watch for these patterns, in time you will learn to recognize them. Once you can recognize these patterns, you can take advantage them. For example, under a specific set of circumstances, I know that I can trick my opponents bot into wasting a special and I can do this with a very high rate of success, about 95%. Registered & Protected