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How It Works

☆ DNA Recue offers players an opportunity to either win a free dino or get it at a reduced price.

☆ During DNA Rescue, all tournaments within each league (gold, platinum or all star) will offer the same grand prize (unless you obtain or already had the dino)  

☆ DNA Rescue events are 4 days long and begin on Friday at around 8 am Eastern  

☆ DNA Rescue is only available in the Gold, Platinum and All Star tournaments

☆ The starting full price of the dino is 900 dino bucks

☆ Each tournament win earns you 1 DNA strand and each DNA strand you obtain will reduce the cost of the dino by 60 bucks.

☆ 15 DNA strands = free dino


You have 72 total opportunities to rescue DNA. So where does that number come from?

  1. 24 hours ÷ 4 hours (each tournaments length) = 6 tournaments per day

  2. 6 × 3 (number of parks) = 18 tournaments per day

  3. 18 × 4 days of DNA rescue = 72 total opportunities to rescue DNA

NOTE: Actually participating in this many tournaments is not possible due to the need for your dinos to rest between tournys. Most people can participate in anywhere from 1-3 tournaments per day/per park depending on the level of their dinos.

DNA Canisters

After you have played a tournament, whether you win or lose, you will see 3 canisters. If you won the tournament you're guaranteed a strand of DNA meaning you can open the canisters until you find a DNA strand. If you lost, you can open only 1 of the 3 canisters, so you have a 33% chance of rescuing DNA. If you don't find DNA in this canister, the canister stays open... meaning you are guaranteed a single DNA strand after 3 consecutive loses.  

Here is a few tips to help you rescue more DNA strands

Rest Your Creatures

Make sure that your dino's are fully rested and ready to fight when the DNA rescue event begins on Friday. That way you can play in the very first DNA rescue tournament on Friday. Look at it this way, if you don't play in any DNA rescue tournaments until 7 hours after the DNA rescue event has started, you have wasted 7 hours that you could have used to obtain a few DNA strands and then start resting your dinos in preparation for a second round of tournaments. In short, the longer you wait to play in your first DNA rescue tournament, the fewer opportunities you will have to rescue DNA.

Play In More DNA Tournaments

If you play in and win more tournaments, you'll get more DNA strands (obviously). Consider trying this... play in a tournament then allow your dino's to rest only half way. Then buy back your dinos after they are half rested and then play in the tournaments again. Repeat this process as necessary. By doing this, you effectively double the number of DNA strands you can rescue. Keep in mind that you won't profit dino bucks because you spend your winnings on buying your dino's back. This process may even cost you a few dino bucks, but not many.


For those who are able, instead of playing with your top 9 dinos, play with your top 18. This applies only to the glacier and aquatic tournaments and it applies only to players who are capable of winning while using their top 18 dinos.

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