Finding DNA & Dino Evolution


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Once your parks are established and you start playing tournaments, evolving your tournament players should be priority. Evolving anything you don't use in the tournaments can wait. When evolving your tournament players, its in your best interest NOT to evolve any one creature too much at once. You should evolve your tournament dinos gradually as 3 equally strong teams... not individual dinos. If you evolve a single creature and neglect evolving your other tournament players, you may find that you can't seem to win tournaments anymore. As you evolve your dinos the ferocity level of your opponents will also increase. Ludia does not disclose exactly how matchmaking is done, but it is obvious that in one way or another its based on your dinos ferocity


Just for an example, lets pretend you just purchased yourself a TRex and your excited to evolve your TRex so that it can be a killer in the tournaments. So you focus on evolving it and put the evolution of your other tournament players on hold. You get your TRex evolved up to level 30, but you have neglected your other tournament players and they are all silver level dinos around level 20. Again, this is just an example so these numbers arn't actual representaions of anything in the game. They are just an example to prove a point. So, you've evolved your TRex to level 30 and as a result, it represents 25% of your total tournament ferocity (total ferocity of all 9 dinos). This leaves the other 75% divided among your other 8 tournament players. The math is quite simple and easily shows why evolving a single creature too much at once is a bad idea...


☆ Your TRex = 25% of your total tournament ferocity

☆ Other 75% is divided between your other 8 dinos. Because this is an example, we'll divide it evenly to make things simple.

☆ 75% ÷ 8 dinos = about 9.5% (9.375% if you want to be precise)

☆ Heres how your teams would break down:

• Team 1: 25% (TRex) + 9.5% (dino 2) + 9.5% (dino 3) = 44%

• Team 2: 9.5% (dino 1) + 9.5% (dino 2) + 9.5% (dino 3) = 28.5%

• Team 3: 9.5% (dino 1) + 9.5% (dino 2) + 9.5% (dino 3) = 28.5%


☆ As you can see from the example above, one team is excessivly strong while two teams are weak. In a perfect world, each of your 3 tournament teams should account for 33% of you tournament strength. If you keep this balance, you will be better scaled to Ludias matchmaking system. Weak teams = tournament losses. 


It should be clear now that if you evolve one dino too much while neglecting to evolve your other tournament players, you have effectively put yourself at a disadvantage. Obviously, you can't keep each dinos ferocity idenitcal like the example above suggests, but the theory remains the same. Evolving your dinos in a manner that maintains 3 equally strong tournament teams is the best way to evolve your dinos. Otherwise, all your doing is putting yourself at a disadvantage. For more information on how to check the balance of your teams, see Advanced Team Building.


To put it simply, if you evolve a single dino too far beyond the level of your other tournament dinos, you won't be able to distribute your tournament strength equally between three teams. The result of this imbalance is two weak teams and one very strong team. Because your playing against bots, the three opponents you face should, on average, be relatively similar in their strength.



Expeditions & Rare DNA

Dna foundThis will require, at bare minimum, a small stockpile of dino bucks. This can get costly, but its a guaranteed method of getting the rare creatures that you need for your parks. When a creature you need is released, simply send out all three expedition teams for the cost of 5 bucks and then immediately return them for the cost of nine bucks. Repeat this process until an expedition successfully returns with DNA. With any luck, you only need to do this once or twice before you get the DNA. However, there is the possibility that it can take numerous attempts to find DNA, which can add up in bucks. I recommended that you have a bare minimum of 100 bucks before attempting this. It's not uncommon that people will spend 200 or more bucks on sending expeditions out before they successfully find DNA. So if you're prepared to spend a lot, this is a guaranteed method of finding the DNA you need. It's just a matter of luck as to how much it will cost. 


FriendsHaving plenty of coins is a necessity for researching DNA and evolving you're dinos. DNA research costs coins and they add up fast. See the generating resources section for more info on generating coins. Having plenty of friends that will help with research is also very beneficial. To get help from friends, successfully complete at least one strand of DNA research. After you have done this, a request for research help is automatically sent to your in game friends. You will then need to wait for them to answer that request, so wait a couple of hours (at least) and then check back. Registered & Protected