About This Website


 Welcome to the Jurassic Park Builder Tournament Strategy & Game Tips website! My name is David and I am the creator of this site. I am a long time gamer and I play a variety of games. I first started playing JPB shortly after its release on android and have watched the game grow into what it is today.


 So why did I create this website? After seeing the number of people posting their tournament frustrations on the JPB page, I thought I'd make a Facebook page outlining some tournament and game tips. When I kept recieving a large amount of positive feedback on the Facebook page, I decided to look into creating a website so I could make the information easy to navigate and more user friendly. After about 2 weeks of hard work building the site, I launched it on Feburary 20th 2015.


 So what makes my site different from all the other "help" sites that are out there? Well, for one this site is for JPB only. Its not an "all inclusive" site that contains walk throughs for dozens of different games. This site is dedicated to JPB, nothing more. Its created by a fan of the game and its here for nothing more than to help other fans of the game. I profit nothing from this site except for the many thanks I get from people who reside all over the world.


 So THAT is why I put this website together, to help you. Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll visit again soon!



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