Aquatic Trivia

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How well do you know the creatures in your aquatic park?

1/ What modern day creature is the Mosasaurus most closely related to?

2/ Fill in the blank: ____ means more lizard

3/ Fill in the blank: ____ means long nosed face

4/ The largest Archelon fossil found measures how long?

5/ What period of time did Styxosaurus live in?

6/ How long was Hainosaurus?

7/ How many body segments did Sea Scorpions have?

8/ Odobenocetops was an early member of the dolphin superfamily, but its more closely related to what modern day animal?

9/ Helicoprion is Greek for

10/ A large Enchodus could have fangs measuring how long?

11/ How many species of Geosaurus were there?

12/ Colossal Squid have the largest eyes documented in the animal kingdom. What is the largest documented measurement of a Colossal Squid eye?

13/ The strongest comfirmed bite force of a Great White shark is 4100 psi. What is the Megalodons bite force estimated to have been?