JPB Jurassic Creature Trivia Challenge

rawr animationrawr animationTest your knowledge of the creatures featured in JPBs Jurassic Park. Some of these answers may suprise you!

1/ Some evidence suggests that the Tyrannosaurus may have been partially feathered

2/ Skin impressions found with the shoulder bones of a partial Nasutoceratops skeleton displayed the size of its scales. How large were these scales?

3/ In 1974 a large bonebed of Pachyrhinosaur was found in Alberta Canada. This area was excavated 12 years later. In addition to the 14 skulls found, a total of how many other bones were found?

4/ Shunosaurus is one of the best anatomically known of all sauropods. What percentage of its skeletal elements have been identified?

5/ Pterodactylus antiquus was a large pterosaur, with its wingspan reaching nearly 13 feet across

6/ Albertosaurus was named in 1905 after the location in which it was found, which also in 1905 became established as the Canadian province of Alberta

7/ Carnotaurus is one of the most understood of all theropods found in the southern hemisphere. This knowledge is based on the skeletal remains of how many Carnotaurus?

8/ In the Jurassic Park movie, the Velociraptors size was misrepresented. In actuality, how large were Velociraptors?

9/ Recent studies into the tail club of an Ankylosaurus show that a fully grown Ankylosaurus was capable of breaking the legs of its predators, including T-Rex